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  • Love Valley – The attraction that you should not miss

    Da Lat to be One of Asia’s Most Underrated Destinations

    The mysterious Asia attracts flocks of people worldwide due to the richness of cultures, the uniqueness of architectural styles, the long development of history and finally the mind-boggling beauty of […]

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  • Lang Sen Festival 2016

    Festival Honoring President Ho Chi Minh to be Held in Nghe An

    On the occasion of the birthday of President Ho Chi Minh, May 19, and the local people in Nghe An jubilantly organize Sen Village Festival to pay tribute and gratitude […]

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  • Tourists in Vietnam

    6 Million Tourism-Related Jobs to be Created in 2015

    Recently, a report on the economic impact of tourism in 184 countries worldwide in 2015 has been released by the World Travel and Tourism Council. Accordingly, Vietnam`s tourism sector gave […]

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  • International circus festival

    Hue to Host the International Circus Festival

    It is expected that the coming International Circus Festival 2016 in Hue City from May 28 to June 4 will see the present of hundreds of circus performers from eight […]

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  • Cham Island The Second Place Provides Seabed Walking Tour in Vietnam

    Cham Island: The Second Place Provides Seabed Walking Tour in Vietnam

    A sea-walk service started to be available in Cham Islands (Cù Lao Chàm) which allow tourists to walk on the seabed and get insight into the marvelous sightseeing of hundreds […]

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  • Hue-and-central-provinces-are-still-maintaining-g

    Vietnam Weather in June

    The weather in June is simply hot. In Hanoi, the air quality becomes worse with overheated weather in combination with the volume of traffic and sometimes the dust. In some […]

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  • Vietnam Weather in July

    Vietnam Weather in July | How is the Weather in Vietnam like in July?

    July weather is not different from June, a variety in terms of weather. The central province and cities of Vietnam are still remaining hot and dry with unexpected light showers. […]

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  • Vietnam Weather in August

    Vietnam Weather in August

    August, the overall outlook is a mixed bag in term of weather. The number of days with heavy downpours, thunders and lightning. In the north of Vietnam, it is the […]

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  • Vietnam Weather in September

    Vietnam Weather in September

    The decline in temperature can be seen clearly during the first half of September over the country. The rainfalls ended in Hanoi and some Northern provinces but increase in the […]

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  • Vietnam Weather in October

    Vietnam Weather in October

    October is considered as one of the best months to travel to Vietnam. In the North, it becomes more pleasant and the cool weather has come to the most parts […]

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  • Vietnam Weather in November

    Vietnam Weather in November

    Generally, Northern Vietnam becomes cooler and drier while the Centre and the South remain warm weather in November, the temperature sometimes can reach to 31°C. November is considered as the […]

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  • Vietnam Weather in December

    Vietnam Weather in December

    December is one of the best months to travel in Vietnam, the weather is colder and drier than previous months especially in north-western provinces like Sapa. Warm clothes should be […]

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  • Xuan Huong Le - Founder

    Henry, Le Xuan Huong (Mr.) – Founder

    My name is Huong, means “Enjoy”, and hopefully all clients will enjoy the trip to Indochina with us.
    In 1997, during the Asian economic crisis, after several years working as an interior designer, I changed careers and became a tour leader. I immediately fell in love with tourism and began working as a tour leader for a global…

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  • Hana Nguyen Thu Ha - Travel Advisor

    Hana, Nguyen Thu Ha (Mrs.) – Travel Advisor

    I am Thu Ha. I have been working in tourism since 2002 when I was a 24 years old girl. I love traveling, reading history books and more than over I like contacting with people all over the world. I have many friends from all over the world; first they came to me as clients and then finish with friends…

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  • Jeanny Duong - Travel Advisor

    Jeanny Duong (Mrs.) – Travel Advisor

    Xin Chào, Hello!
    I’m Phuong or just simply call me Jeanny. I was born in Hanoi and enjoying living here than all other places I have been too. I love the city at its quiet, its hustle, its food and its people. I graduated from Hanoi Open University in the Faculty of Tourism Management in 2002 and up ‘til now, I have more than 12 years working experience in the tourism fields…

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  • Stephen Tuyen Nguyen

    Stephen, Tuyen Nguyen (Mr.) – Marketing Manager

    My name is Tuyen and you can call me Stephen for Short; I come from a lovely countryside located 20 km away from Hanoi center which is famous for its spectacular landscapes, magnificent pagodas as well as ancient villages. I am a very new member of Viet Vision Team from May…

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  • Hai Nguyen

    Hai Nguyen (Mr.) – Vice Director

    Hai Nguyen (Mr.) – Vice Director
    Xin Chao, please just call me Hai. Traveling is my great passion in life, After leading trips throughout Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos for over 10 […]

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  • Dam Thi Huynh Mai

    Mai, Dam Thi Huynh Mai (Ms.) – Saigon Operations Manager

    I am Mai and I have been working in tourism industry for almost 20 years. I have been learning a lot and experiencing of this hospitality field. I would do my best to ensure that Viet Vision’s clients always receive best services and have good time in Vietnam, good memory of Vietnam…

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  • Trung Thu - Travel Advisor

    Trung Thu (Mrs.) – Travel Advisor

    I am Trung Thu; the name is quite special because I was born on the day of Mid Autumn. I live in Phu Thuong, a suburban village in Hanoi, I am proud of where I was born with unique features and traditions as growing peaches, cooked sticky rice…

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  • Silver pagoda is one of must-sees in Phnom Penh

    Adventure Cambodia Tour – 7 Days

    Seize this opprortunity to discover the true Cambodia, a mysterious country with the richness of culture, the significance of historical structures and monuments as well as the landscaped beauty. Lose your mind with mind-boggling sunset against the Angkor Complex…

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  • Le Thuy Thanh

    Le Thuy Thanh (Ms.) – Accountant

    My name is Thanh and I am the new member of the Viet Vision Travel team. Many people thought I am a quite and cold people especially in the crowds. However, if you get to know more about me you will see that I am a happy and energetic girl…

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  • Le Sinh Tien

    Le Sinh Tien (Mr.) – Website developer & IT Manager

    My name’s Tien. I am a web designer at Viet Vision Travel. After graduated from Hanoi University Business and Technology, I became web designer of Viet Vision Travel for two years and I have really enjoyed the time here. With Viet Vision Travel…

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  • Le Thi Hue

    Hue, Le Thi Hue (Mrs.) – Housekeeper

    My name is Hue and everyone in the company calls me, “Chi Hue” means “Sister Hue” as I am the oldest one in the team.
    Before working at Viet Vision Travel, I worked as a worker in a Garment company for more than 10 years in shift working at night. I joined Viet Vision Travel in 2007 and…

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  • Honeymooners – Siem Reap – 05 Days

    Honeymooners – Siem Reap – 05 Days

    Visiting the area of Angkor complex will stir your sense of imagination. This trip allows us to explore the most interesting parts of majestic Angkor temples. Plus to that we have chance to visit Tonle Sap, the biggest lake in Cambodia and explore the daily lives of the people…

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  • Phalkun Seng

    Mr. Phalkun Seng (Kun) – Cambodia Representative

    Hi there, my name is Kun. I come from a farming family in the rural area of Siem Reap, and my parents now still live there. I have two brothers, and I am the eldest. I have been involved in the Tourism Industry since 1996 when Cambodia was first opened to travelers. I have led tours to all the major sites in Cambodia, including: “Angkor”, the beaches of Sihanoukville, Bokor Hill Station in Kompot, Rabbit Island in Kep…

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  • Paradise for Honeymooners – Siem Reap Tour – 4 Days

    Paradise for Honeymooners – Siem Reap Tour – 4 Days

    Cambodia is a beautiful country where creative and hard-working people are proudly reflecting its rich culture by their country’s traditional architectures and structures. Having experienced many ups and downs of history and deeply imprinted by Khmer styled architecture over hundreds of years …

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  • A young Cambodian boy on a boat approaching a floating village on the Tonle Sap in Siem Reap, Cambodia.

    Authentic Siem Reap – Phnom Penh Tours – 6 Days

    Welcome up on arrival in Siem Reap, we transfer to hotel in the center city. We are relaxed at hotel in the rest of the day or walking around at the local market to see the real Cambodian life…

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  • Majestic Siem Reap – Phnom Penh Tour – 5 Days

    Majestic Siem Reap – Phnom Penh Tour – 5 Days

    Visiting the area of Angkor complex will stir your sense of imagination. This trip allows us to explore the most interesting parts of majestic Angkor temples. Plus to that we have chance to visit Tonle Sap, the biggest lake in Cambodia and explore the daily lives of the people who live in the floating village on the lake.

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  • The Lake is the largest fresh water in South East Asia. Its dimension changes depending on the monsoon and dry season.

    Indepth Discovery of Angkor Wat Tour – 4 Days

    Visiting the area of Angkor complex will stir your sense of imagination. This trip allows us to explore the most interesting parts of majestic Angkor temples. Plus to that we have chance to visit Tonle Sap, the biggest lake in Cambodia and explore the daily lives of the people…

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  • Treasures of Siem Reap Tour – 3 Days

    Treasures of Siem Reap Tour – 3 Days

    Up on arrival in Siem Reap we transfer to the hotel. In the afternoon we visit the Roluos Group which includes the three temples: Preahko, Loile, and the mountain-temple of Pre Rup…

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