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Long Tan – Nui Dat Tours, Day Trips & Excursions – Vietnam Local Tour

As the 21st century dawns, there is nowhere in Vietnam suffering from the War. Meander through every corner of peaceful Vietnam and skimming through the heroic history of the country, therefore, is truly a remarkable experience. Even if you a bookworm or simply an ordinary person who is curious about the fierce Vietnam War, Long Tan- Nui Dat is really an ideal place to get your journey back to the past started.

While you are in Nui Dat, make use of your time to tour around the old Taskforce base. Venture around the old base and see what remains of the Task Force’s time there including SAS Hill, listen to the historical stories delivered by a knowledgeable and friendly guide.

Then, head to Long Tan where the veteran will accompany you to relive the battle. Gain a truly emotional experience and learn about the horrific battle and the bravery of all the troops involved. Viet Vision Travel – the Vietnam tour company will bring you the most impressive experiences at Long Tan – Nui Dat

The 20th century is truly a difficult time for Vietnam as this country had to experience 2 fierce Wars. Although wars have passed by for more than 30 year, you still get a sad feeling and memories and sometimes deep in contemplation in somewhere around this s-shaped country. This 2 days trip is specially designed for those whose are interested in American war and Australian veterans. This trip is a blend combination as you could both visit many historical relics and enjoy short relaxing in Vung Tau city. What’s more could you expect?

From Ho Chi Minh City, take a getaway from your bustling life and journey back to history through a trip to Long Tan-Nui Dat, the former battle field monuments for Australia veteran. Take a glimpse of Vietnam’s epic history and discover the fierce Vietnam War as you visit Nui Dat Task Force Base, Long Tan Cross Memorial, Horseshoe Hill, the witnesses of history.