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Mai Chau Tours, Day Trips & Excursions

Get away from your bustling life in cities and get your chest filled up with pure air; stand on the high peak to absorb the picturesque panorama of Mai Chau stilt houses along with a lush green valley; explore national caves and grottoes such as Mo Luong Cave, Chieu Cave; or simply stay with the locals to experience their daily life. These fascinating experiences make Mai Chau a real breakpoint for those who are seeking a true spirit of mountainous areas.

Awaken by the idyllic sounds of the peaceful mountainous village, your journey day full of remarkable experiences begins! Whether you want to satisfy your adventurous mind with an exploration of caves in the regions, trek up a peak and then reward your physical efforts with a breathtaking view of stilt houses and green surrounding forest, or visit local markets where you could mingle with warm-hearted people and buy for yourselves and your family souvenirs such as clothes, wallets, bags, embroidered pictures with various types and colors. The local tour company in Vietnam will provides you Mai Chau, with its distinctive attractions even if you are descending visitors.

Soak up the beauty of picturesque village, gain insights into the culture, daily activities when staying with friendly host in their stilt house, be immersed in green paddy fields and scenic scenery of Mai Chau Valley, feast on delicious meal with local specialties. These 2-day May Chau tour will help you discover the true spirit of a great destination in Northern Vietnam.

Endowed with lush green terraced rice fields covering the mountainous landscape, the richness of delicious specialties and culture, Mai Chau is undoubtedly the star destination in the Northern Vietnam and attracts a number of people who are seeking for an exploration of beautiful Vietnam. Absorb it all – and this 2-day Hanoi – Mai Chau trekking tour certainly delights your heart and satisfy even the most discerning travelers.

The primitive culture, ancient customs and the gorgeous embroidered costumes of White Thai and H’mong people make Mai Chau, a northern village of Vietnam an attractive destination. This 3-day tour is a chance for you to get a glimpse of people and culture of the region. With many things to offer, Mai Chau is awaiting to see all tourists.

Due to its endless lush paddy fields and striking cliffs, Mai Chau, an idyllic village, is unquestionably the ideal place for those are interested in trekking or hiking trip. The tour to Mai Chau offers you the richness of culture of ethnic minorities who are very warm-hearted and always help tourists from afar. This itinerary definitely will delight your mood and help you discover the true spirit of Mai Chau.