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Having undergone many ups and downs of year-long war and colonization, Vietnam has gradually gained its position on the global scale and spread its irresistible charm to foreigners. In these days, doors are wide opened to welcome international friends. With all incredible natural wonders, unique cultures and practices, this beauty culture certainly won’t upset those who while their time tasting its marvel.

One of the best leading Vietnam tour companies offering private & group Vietnam tour packages for over 18 years, Viet Vision Travel deeply understands your needs and the value of your trip. No matter what your goal is - the private culture trip, the sightseeing tour, or adventure - we are here to assist you to make your own unique travel experiences in Vietnam & Indochina countries. "Xin Chao and welcome to Vietnam!

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We strongly believe incredible travel is far from visiting amazing destinations, it is about connections you make and how you spend every moment, from stylish accommodations resting your soul to  authentic experiences enriching your mind.

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Premium Tours by Local Vietnam Tour Company

At Viet Vision Travel, we are all travellers at heart, which is reflected in the immersive range of tours across Vietnam and Indochina that we have meticulously crafted. Below is a shortlist of tours we are especially proud of to fuel some wanderlust.

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Vietnam Classic Tours

Essence of Vietnam – 12 Days

Get a stylish getaway from Ho Chi Minh City to Hanoi exploring all the hidden gems of Vietnam in the tour package of 12 days. See this beautiful country by your own eyes to feel the cultures and charm filling every corner. Add the World Heritage Sites as well as pristine nature for strolling and trekking into the mix to make your Vietnam vacation unique from others.

Vietnam Classic Tours

Jewels of Vietnam – 21 Days

Discover a more unique, more authentic side of Vietnam. Travel from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City, take an insightful journey that shines a different light on Vietnamese local culture. Venture through Hoi An ancient town, visit imperial monuments in Hue, see a vibrant lifestyle in Saigon, experience a colorful floating market and much more. Vietnam local tour operator is pleased to provide you with this journey.

Embrace the soul of the charming country, this 18-day journey delivered by Vietnam tour company will take you to the most iconic landmarks of each city, and soak up the rich tapestry of history and cultures. Moving from the heart of Vietnam, Hanoi capital, travel to appealing Sapa with an exciting journey to conquer Fansipan peak. Spend time exploring one of the Seven Wonders of the world, Halong Bay then dig into the hidden beauty of this destination. Fly to Saigon with a city tour unraveling Saigon’s turbulent past and giving you a glimpse of the fascinating variety it has to offer. Indulge yourself in the nature of Nam Cat Tien National Park for the last unforgettable moments in this S-shaped country.

Take this 4-day Ha Giang Rocky Plateau tour by local Vietnam travel agency to visit the well-known destinations with breathtaking views such as Dong Van, Meo Vac, Ma Pi Leng pass in Ha Giang province and the amazing Ba Be Lake in Bac Kan province. On the adventurous path in Northern Vietnam, use all of your senses to feel the unforgettable experiences of Mother Nature.

Vietnam Luxury Tours

Amazing Vietnam – 17 Days

Vietnam is amazing everywhere in both natural and cultural beauty. The 17-day tour in Vietnam from Vietnam local tour operator will bring you a unique experience in marvelous landscapes, long-standing history, culture, and memorable Vietnamese cuisines. The tour is outstanding and should be called “The Trip of a Lifetime”.

Vietnam Luxury Tours

Vietnam Luxury Tour – 7 Days

This Vietnam Luxury Tour within 7 days offers you a chance to delve into one of the most amazing shows in Vietnam named “Tonkin Show”. Spend time escaping from the bustling cities to see the less visited place in Pu Luong. Immerse in nature and its peaceful farmlands, witness the endless rice fields, and try your first hand at farm works, learn to make rice wine, then weave the colorful textiles. The better things will not stop here, you will visit the majestic Halong Bay where you can appreciate its stunning beauty as well as indulge in a series of exciting water activities such as swimming, kayaking, squid fishing, and mesmerizing snorkeling. It’s an interesting experience to visit Vung Vieng floating village and then sip a cup of coffee on the sundeck while admiring the sunset in the Bay.

It seems difficult to choose an island for your beach break vacation in Vietnam of a 3260km coastline and a lot of beautiful islands from North to South. Then let us show you the amazing 5-day Con Dao Island and beach break tour. Explore the rich mix of dreaming beaches, untouched national park and historical relics. Make all of your sense filled by the fresh air, gorgeous sunlight, cool water, and spectacular sceneries at one of the most wonderful islands in Southeast Asia.

South Vietnam to Angkor by Bike is special design to explore south of Vietnam & Cambodia on bike. The trip starts from Ho Chi Minh City then going to Mekong Delta going to Phnom Penh then finally Angkor Temple in Siem Reap. Let’s experience them all!

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4 Easy Steps to Book a Vietnam Vacation

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Now, it’s time to enjoy your Vietnam vacation and create your own beautiful travel memories with your private service.

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Recommended Information by Trusted Vietnam Local Tour Operators

Top 10 Vietnam attractions selected by Vietnam travel agency Viet Vision Travel

Halong Bay

Halong Bay in the early morning is unlike anything else. Hundreds of enormous karst structures may be seen rising above the boat as the mists dissipate. It seems like you are waking up in a watercolour painting of a mystical place in the beautiful morning light.


Motorbikes zoom through the streets carrying a heavy load of people, goods, and even animals. It's absurd and unplanned, but it manages to work. A rooftop café is the ideal location from which to view it all. While sipping an extra-strong coffee, see the commotion below.

Mekong Delta

The friendliest people on earth live in this vast region of floating markets, emerald rice paddies, and lush islands. To get a first-hand look at Delta life and meet the locals, take a boat trip to one of the sleepy islands.


See the vibrant villages of Vietnam's minority tribes, the Zay and the Blue and Black H'mong, by traveling to the highlands. Due to the area's isolation, an overnight hike where you stay with a local family is the best way to experience it.

Qui Nhon

Quiet Qui Nhon is a peaceful seaside hamlet that is off the beaten path for tourists. Even the trip here is worthwhile. Rice fields and sugar plantations gradually take the place of islands, lagoons, and sand dunes as the road follows granite cliffs that drop into the South China Sea.


Hue is a city for history aficionados since it is crammed with imperial sites. Prior to channeling your inner emperor and having a dragonboat journey down the Perfume River, explore the Citadel and its abandoned Forbidden Purple City.

Hoi An

More boot manufacturers, tailors, and artisans call this shopping haven home than you could possibly visit in a lifetime. Hire a bicycle and tour the Old Town while you wait for your suit to be constructed; the streets are gloriously car-free.

Ho Chi Minh City

Most people still refer to HCMC as Saigon, and it is a busy metropolis. It moves quickly, is thrilling, and has wonderful sights. Skyscrapers, cathedrals, and marketplaces all coexist in a heady mingling of traditional, colonial, and modern architecture.

Mai Chau

The hustle and bustle of Hanoi seems a million miles away in Mai Chau. The tranquil atmosphere is aided by misty mountains and verdant rice fields. Be sure to keep an eye out for the traditional textiles produced by the local White Thais population.


In the "honeymoon capital" of Vietnam, spring lasts all year long. Discover the eccentric local artists, take in the French-inspired ambiance, and explore the nearby lakes, waterfalls, and woods. It's fantastic!

Transportation in Vietnam - Vietnam tour company

According to Viet Vision Travel - Vietnam local tour company, getting there and navigating once you're there is half the excitement of exploring a new place! Viet Vision Travel employs local transportation alternatives and conventional forms of transportation wherever possible since they often have less of an impact on the environment, help small local businesses, and are far more enjoyable.

The type of excursion you take while in Vietnam will determine how you get there.

Overnight sleeper train

A wonderful way to travel in Vietnam is on an overnight sleeper train. Engage in conversation with other travelers or relax at a window and observe the scenery.


While cycling casually through rural Vietnam, past rice terraces, and through small communities, take some time to wave to residents.


These three-wheeled vehicles are a good way to immediately see the attractions.

Overnight Boat in Vietnam - Vietnam tour operator

It's a little bit unusual to travel with Vietnam tour operator like Viet Vision Travel. Our goal is to provide visitors a memorable authentic experience, thus we make an effort to maintain as many distinctive and traditional accommodations as we can. If you go with us to Vietnam, you could stay in one of the following:

Overnight boat

A really Vietnamese experience, sleeping on a boat in Halong Bay should be savored. Enjoy the breathtaking views of the surrounding limestone karst landscape as you go off to sleep.


On a delightful homestay, get to know the Vietnamese way of life. Make friends with your hosts and neighbors while learning about different cuisines, languages, and traditions.

History with vietnam local tour

Early History

The country that is now Vietnam has been inhabited since the beginning of time. According to archaeological discoveries, organised communities started to emerge as early as the first millennium BC. Up to the Chinese invasion in 111 BC, which caused the civilizations of Vietnam and China to converge, early society was mostly focused on agriculture and feudalism, with numerous dynasties ruling over different regions of Vietnam. For hundreds of years, the region was ruled by several Chinese dynasties, but in 905, the Vietnamese gained independence as a result of uprisings. Vietnam entered an era of independence in 938, marking the end of this period of Chinese imperial rule.

Recent History

Following the Sino-French War of 1884 and 1885, French colonists gained control of Vietnam and began to influence it during the 19th century. French Indochina, which encompassed portions of Vietnam, Cambodia, and subsequently, Laos, was created in 1887. Even though the French were able to stifle domestic liberation aspirations for a long time, their rule was eventually overthrown in 1954 when Vietnamese troops defeated the French during the first Indochina War. Vietnam was split after this conflict, with distinct troops controlling the north (headed by Ho Chi Minh) and the south (led by Ngo Dinh Diem, with support from the United States).

The second Indochina War caused widespread destruction and upheaval for the Vietnamese people, and as a result, a large number of individuals left Vietnam in search of sanctuary in other parts of the world. The Socialist Republic of Vietnam was created in July 1976 following the country's reunification in April 1975. Vietnam has lately profited from the free market economy that was established in 1986. Vietnam's economy is still growing, with agriculture and industry serving as the foundation and the tourist industry also making a contribution. Economic, educational, and health conditions have all significantly improved recently, and perhaps they will do so in the years ahead.

Geography and Invironment in Vietnam - Vietnam local tour operator

Vietnam, which is located on the long, narrow Indochinese peninsula, borders China, Laos, and Cambodia. The north and central highlands of Vietnam, in particular, include a lot of rugged terrain. The majority of Vietnam's population is concentrated in the cities of the low lying areas, where infrastructure is more easily created and the land is productive, despite the fact that some people still opt to live in the heavily wooded highland regions. The Mekong, one of the world's great twelve rivers, flows through Vietnam and has been the cause of extensive floods. During monsoons, a network of canals and levees has been very effective at transferring water, which has reduced flooding in the Mekong Delta and other areas.

Shopping in Vietnam with local tour operator

Vietnamese marketplaces and tiny businesses are a good mix of the intriguing; the finest choices include handicrafts, art, and clothes.

1. Tailored Clothing

One of the greatest destinations in the world to find high-quality custom apparel is Hoi An. Locate a tailor, select your fabric, get measured, then come back later to pick up your bespoke clothing.

2. Hilltribe Handicrafts

Some of the Vietnamese hilltribe people weave beautiful clothing, jewelry, and bags that make thoughtful gifts for family and friends back home.

3. Coffee

Vietnamese coffee is among the best in the world, and it comes from one of the biggest exporters in the world. Why not bring a little bit of Vietnam home with you if you enjoy coffee?

4. Lacquerware

The time consuming, intensive process of creating Vietnamese lacquer art results in a beautiful, smooth and polished finish that adorns everything from bowls to paintings and jewellery boxes. While not the cheapest of souvenirs, authentic lacquer art is worth spending a bit more on.

Vietnam culture and customs tour - vietnam tour operator

Vietnam's old culture dates back many centuries and has been impacted by the Chinese, Khmer, French, and American civilizations over time in various ways. Whether they come from remote villages or live in bustling metropolis, family and community ties are important to the majority of Vietnamese people. Most festivals and holidays are spent with the extended family, when rituals are performed, special dishes are consumed, presents are exchanged, and ancestors are honored. There are many devout Catholics in Vietnam, but the majority of the population follows a religion that is an unusual fusion of Buddhism, Confucianism, and Taoism. Most Vietnamese people are eager to move on with their lives and live with a sense of optimism and humility as a result of having experienced the hardship that the Vietnam War brought in the 1960s and 1970s.

health and safe with local tour operator in vietnam

Travelers' health and safety are important to Viet Vision Travel, and the company goes above and beyond to make sure that everyone has a fun, safe, and pleasurable journey. We advise all travelers to get the most recent information before departuring from their government or national travel advisory organization.

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Your Time

Traveling with local Vietnam tour agency, every moment is treasured. Your stress-free vacation includes scenic highlights, cultural features that reveal the best of each destination. No delays & blank itineraries happen during your journey.

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Your Safety

Your safety is of the utmost priority to us. Your destinations all belong to regions of political stability and guaranteed security. Our guides & drivers are picked for their personalities & years of experience.

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Your Money

The most excellent services at the most reasonable price is the strong commitment from Vietnam local tour company. If the ones you receive are not as adequate as the ones we commit, your money will be refunded in full.

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Your Interests

Whether you are into art, cuisine, shopping, history, adventure or whatever, we will support you & give you freedom to customize your vacation. It may not be perfect but truly your travel of a lifetime..

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Your Comfort

For your fresh mind & physical strength along the trip, Vietnam tour operator brings you tasty & nutritious meals, deep sleeps at selected brand hotels, as well as high quality means of transportation.

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You are not our strangers after your vacation. Vietnam tour company always prepares gifts as our gratefulness to you & give you special deals for your return or people from your recommendations.

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