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Hue tours take you to discover the quintessence of this cultural center of Vietnam. This ancient city is like a living museum in the middle of the country. Wander through the war-ravaged ruins of the Citadel, learn about the political past of Thien Mụ Pagoda, and experience the modern-day rebirth of the city that suffered one of the bloodiest battles during the Vietnam War. Once your history appetite is fed, hop on a Hue tour that will take you from the streets of downtown to rural villages and beaches.

Local Tour Operator in Vietnam has years of experience in customizing Hue tours that are flexible and private at competitive prices. Pick up one of the ideal Hue tours and day trips below and leave the rest to us. If you want to have a tailor-made Hue tour program, just enter your information into our Create Your Own Trip form and let us know how we can give you a perfect Hue excursion.

Top Hue Tours & Day Trips

Bach Ma National Park covers an area of 22,031 ha near Hue city in central Vietnam. With steep mountains and dense forests, Bach Ma park is home to a wide variety of animals and plants. At the base of the mountains there is tropical monsoon forest, whilst above 900m the forest is sub-tropical. There are species from both the northern and southern areas of the country and Bach Ma is recognized as one of the bio-diversity centers of Indochina. The Bach Ma National Park day trip will bring you unforgettable experiences to perfect your wildlife discovery.

This is an itinerary for nature and eco-tourism’s lover! Bach Ma National Park is located high elevation of Truong Son mountain rank and it covers an area of natural reserve is 22,031 ha. It is a home of over 330 species of birds and 55 species of mammals. It is a well-protected location inline with the Annamist. Thus it has a combined climate and biological characteristics for both North and South Vietnam.The vast biodiversity, spectacular location and lush resources make it a very attractive eco tourism location.

With 2-year experience, our Home Visit tour in Hue had received many good comments. In order to bring you to memorable experiences, we will provide you with an additional choice that is “traveling by a vintage Vespa scooter”. You will meet the host (the big fan of Vespa, too) and his wife on the market before coming their home to delight in their daily life with hospitality. The trip is a great opportunity to insight into the culture and the daily life of the local people in Hue. Traditional customs, lifestyle, cooking features, and Hue's authentic specialties are just some of the things that you definitely will be impressed.

During Vietnam-American War, the Ben Hai River was demarcation line between North and South Vietnam. The Demilitarized Zone was five km each site from the river banks. However, during the war, the Southern area of DMZ was one of the bloodiest battlefields. This tour to DMZ is interesting for who care about American war in Vietnam. Last but not least, you will have a chance to visit Ethnic Minority people in the Central Highland of Vietnam.

Visit Hue City by the 1-day private tour at romantic land of poets and an ancient Capital city of many original historical vestiges. Explore the historical complex of Hue Imperial city of rich architecture as well as beautiful landscapes. Behold more than 100 architectural works reflecting the life of Emperors and Mandarins under Nguyen’s reign. Situated in the middle of hills on the Southern Bank of Perfume River, discover the tombs of Nguyen Kings will bring you a memorable experience to fulfill your discovery in Hue Imperial City of Vietnam.

Hue, one of the most romantic cities in Vietnam, is a wonderful place where you can immerse in a marvelous twilight with many beautiful landscapes along Perfume River that is among the best highlights in Hue city. By a modern Vespa scooter, you can have a chance to explore each familiar street in Hue and enjoy ourselves into local life. From a hilltop, it will be a great experience to fall in love with a stunning view from a hilltop while enjoying sparkling drinks. Taking many beautiful photos as possible to keep your most memorable things. Now, let come and enjoy Hue romantic city!

By a Vespa scooter, you can have a good time to immerse into the scenic countryside of Hue that will give you brand-new feelings. Vespa Safari will help you know deeper in Vietnamese rural life by taking you on small country roads to the different parts of Hue city such as immense rice paddies, village pagodas of Buddhism and Thanh Toan 240-year-old tile-roofed bridge, well known as a historic and cultural work credited to the community. Also, you can enjoy the memorable experiences with a friendly local family in their communal houses to discover the rural life of Hue city.

The old imperial capital of Hue gains its fame not only for the attractive historical monuments of the Nguyen Dynasty but also for its richness in cultures and cuisine. Twilight Foodie Delight Hue Tour offers a great chance for visitors to experience the best authentic culinary in Hue with royal and folk specialties. Let’s get closer to a strange place as Hue by discovering its unique and tasty culinary.

Twilight home and hosted dinner in Hue is a perfect combination between exploring Hue’s scenery and enjoying local features. Our Vespa scooter takes you to go through Truong Tien Bridge, Dong Ba market and then Vong Canh Hill, which are the best places to enjoy twilight in Hue City. Unforgettable memory is to see the Perfume River and the Royal valley of Nguyen Dynasty with a panoramic viewpoint from a hilltop. Your Hue day trip becomes more exciting to enjoy a little bit scrumptious aperitif and refresh yourself with a peaceful landscape and sunset at the end of the day. This Hue tour also takes you to Doan family where our friendly host will prepare a cozy dinner and some stories to share with us. It is definitely a great chance to know more about Hue’s traditional family in particular and Vietnam’s traditional family in general.