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Hoi An Tours, Day Trips & Excursions

Experience Hoi An’s local charms with our Hoi An tours that share the best of the city with you, and see why it was praised as Vietnam’s most atmospheric and delightful town.

Hoi An is one of the main tourist attractions in Central Vietnam and also a must-see site for anyone having their Vietnam tour operator. The ancient town is recognized as an exceptionally well-preserved trading port with its buildings and street plan reflecting a blend of local and foreign influences. Wandering through the narrow streets, biking past rice paddies in the countryside, and taking one of the delectable cooking classes, there’s no shortage of things to enjoy in Hoi An. With its lazy river lined with mustard-yellow merchants’ houses, and beaches a few kilometers away, Hoi An is truly a beguiling place to spend a few days.

Browse our tour suggestions below, or contact us to design your own tour and experience this alluring ancient town with a friendly and knowledgeable guide.

Top Hoi An Tours & Day Trips

Vietnam Family Tours

Central Vietnam Tour – 5 Days

Central Vietnam is fully exciting by many beautiful sites of nature and culture, calling anyone to discover. This Central Vietnam tour concentrates on Vietnam's diverse and fascinating cultural heritage and food. From Danang, you make your way to Hoi An via the Marble Mountains. The picturesque town of Hoi An was once one of South-East Asia's major trading ports and you have 3 days to explore this charming fishing town with its narrow streets, ancient family homes, and Chinese Assembly Halls. You also have a great chance to explore Vietnamese recipes well as taste special Vietnamese food.

General Information Duration :   3 Days Tour Type : Starts / Ends :   Hoi An / Hoi An Tour Route:   Phuc Kien assembly hall – Tan Ky old house – Japanese Bridge – boat trip – cooking class Day 1: Arrival in Danang – Transfer to Hoi An – Walking tour (D) Welcome up on arrival in Danang [...]

On the Fishermen & the Waterways of a Past War Tour you will enjoy a wide range of experiences - from learning traditional fishing techniques to paddling the strange and unique Vietnamese bamboo basket boats while exploring the now tranquil coconut-palm flanked waterways of a past war. On this tour we provide an authentic social and cultural insight into the local Vietnamese way of life. As well you will take part in some hands-on activities that are fun, safe and interesting to people all of ages.

The special part of the day for a local Hoi An fisherman is in the late afternoon, setting out into the Cua Dai Sea with expectations of a bountiful catch. The Hoi An Sunset Cruise Tour enables you to witness two special daily rituals: the passing parade of the local fishing fleet setting out to sea and the magic of the sun slowly sinking in the western sky. Our tour also provides you with the opportunity to experience paddling the strange and unique Vietnamese bamboo basket boat in Hoi An ancient town – one of the stunning places for this activity. Back on-board our Hoi An Eco-tour boat you can enjoy the setting of the sun and the day’s end with refreshments including cold beer and soft drinks together with a Complimentary Vietnamese Snack.

Tour Route: Ho Chi Minh City/ Hanoi - Hoi An - Ho Chi Minh City/ Hanoi

Tour Highlights

  • Relax on the 3 km stretch of white sand, swim in the clear blue waters, and soak up the sun.
  • Explore the charming and historic streets of Hoi An, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  • Stay in a luxurious beachfront resort, providing comfort and convenience.
  • Enjoy leisure time to tailor your activities and explore Hoi An at your own pace.

Our Farming & Fishing Villages Tour provides you with a close-up and intimate exposure to both the local farming and fishing communities. Accompanied by your tour guide, you commence the day leisurely cycling along country roads witnessing local Vietnamese rural life first hand, discovering all manner of photo opportunities - coming and visiting a beautiful organic vegetable village, watering and planting vegetable, hoeing a soil with local farmer, riding a water buffalo in a rice paddy field; seeing ducks swimming along the rice farm or farmers tending their crops. The photo opportunities are endless. Later you will board our Hoi An Eco-tour boat for a river cruise to meet and engage with local fishermen and enjoy a hands-on experience of traditional net fishing. You will also experience paddling the unique Vietnamese bamboo basket boat while the waterways of coconut palm paradise. This tour provides you with a cultural window into the ways of life of both our farming and fishing communities.

No Fluorescent lights, no motorcycles, No television on the 15th of each Lunar Month, The river town of Hoi An gives Modern life the night off. Hoi An has a distinct Chinese atmosphere with low, tile-roofed houses and narrow streets; the original structure of some of these streets still remains almost intact. All the houses were made of rare wood, decorated with lacquered boards and panels engraved with Chinese characters. Pillars were also carved with ornamental designs.

One of the great pleasures of any visit to Hoi An is strolling along the beautiful streets of the old town at night under the flickering lights of the many beautiful lanterns. These simple yet colourful lanterns are both part of Hoi An culture and Hoi An today. We offer you a tour to a traditional Hoi An handicraft village to make some lanterns.

Everywhere in Vietnam you can see rice. Vietnamese people eat rice everyday in their meals. Rice is part of their life and it reflects the Vietnamese culture. Viet Vision Travel helps tourists understand the life of the countryside people…. Welcome to Rice show Hoi An!

Hoi An brings the romantic beauty of Vietnam with a special highlight of colorful light streets. Walking tour half day in Hoi An Ancient Town gives visitors immediately feel the hospitality and friendship the locals extend to them. And they can see what is so special about Hoi An is that this little port town is in an incredible state of preservation…Welcome to Hoi An!

Hoi An is among the great destinations in Vietnam for both sightseeing and adventurous tours. Basket boat racing tour is one of the funniest and most exciting games in competition about the waterways life of the local fishing people in the central region of Viet Nam like Hoi An town. The tour is particularly designed and organized for the incentive group or (Mice) who travels to Hoi An for a visit and to have a memorable and great experience trip.

Getting to know the cruises is the great way of understand the culture of the country. Vietnamese food is healthy, simple to cook and delicious and forms a large part of the culture. The Red Bridge Restaurant & Cooking School offers a daily, half-day cooking tour that introduces visitors to Vietnamese cuisine. Suitable for all travelers, the tour is a fun and interesting way to learn about the local food. The program could be run from 2 learners. This tour gives you a hands-on lesson on how to shop and cook authentic Vietnamese food.

This tour is designed for food enthusiasts wanting an in-depth understanding of Vietnamese cuisine. Hands-on cooking from start to finish of 4 famous Vietnamese dishes including ‘Beef Noodle Soup (Pho)’ & Clay Pot Fish with Dill (Cha Ca).

Tra Que is a charming little village located just a few kilometers from Hoi An. The village is named after the sweet scented vegetables they grow in the village, and are used to spice up famous Hoi An dishes, like the local noodle dishes Cao Lau and My Quang, or Hoi An Pancakes (Banh Xeo).

Danang city is 35km from Hoi An, where is an ancient land, closely related with the Sa Huynh cultural traditions. Many imposing, palaces, towers, temples, citadels and ramparts, the vestiges from 1st to 13th are still to be seen in Cham Museum…

My Son, located 69 km southwest of Da Nang, was an imperial city during the Cham dynasty, and 75km far from Hoi An. My Son is the former capital of the ancient Cham civilization that ruled Central Vietnam from the second to the thirteenth century.

As the sun rises, the local Hoi An fishermen are returning home with their catch after long and tiring night fishing in the Cua Dai Sea. With fishing skills handed down from father to son, their boats are laden with a wide variety of fish, crabs, shrimps and shellfish from the Cua Dai Sea. Meanwhile the fishermen’s wives are waiting at the dock to receive the catch and quickly offer it fresh for sale at the nearby bustling Hoi An market. This is a daily ritual in the life of the Hoi An fishing families. The Hoi An Sunrise Cruise Tour brings you into the daily life of the Hoi An fishermen – a privileged experience.

Rice is the staple diet in many Asian countries, especially in Vietnam. Perhaps, you have seen rice growing in most of Asian rice paddy fields. However, you do not know the sequence of rice cultivation in Vietnam. It is still secret know how for the western tourists. We would like to organize the wet rice growing tour for you. Through this tour, we instruct you how to cultivate rice in the fields and also help you experience the hardships of Vietnamese farmers. We are sure this tour will make your trip an extremely memorable experience.

Hue is among the best highlights in Central Vietnam, becoming indispensable in travelers’ Vietnam discovery journey. Hue is known as an ancient Capital city of many original historical vestiges. There are more than 100 architectural works to be extremely reflected in the life of Emperors and Mandarins under Nguyen’s reign. Situated in the middle of hills on the Southern Bank of Perfume River are very beautiful tombs of Nguyen Kings. The day tour in Hue will take you to the most common highlights in this historical area whose ancient atmosphere cannot be buried by the unintentional flow of time.

As one of the world largest rice exporter, Vietnam is covered with rice in most places. You can see rice in every Vietnamese meal and it is indispensable in their life, reflecting the Vietnamese culture. In the technology era, Vietnamese farmer people become less hard in producing rice, however, the old traditional ways still keep stable in many parts of the country. The Rice show tour in Hoi An will provide you a thorough look at local people lives and their unique cultures. The trip helps you to involve the rice production process with special experiences in Hoi An town. Viet Vision Travel would like to help tourists understand the life of the countryside people. You can join us to learn about full life rice from making soil to making paddy into cooking rice. We instruct you all of the work with local people. Apart from the rice work, you also learn about the life of people in the countryside of Vietnam. We back you to the old life of the countryside people. You will see and talk to them about rice. You will join us to help the farmers work on the field.