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Top-rated Vietnam Beach Holidays & Vacation Packages 2023/2024

Not only owning majestic mountains along its S-shaped area, but Vietnam is also home to stunning beaches across the coastline. Vietnam beach tour packages take you to the most beautiful beaches in Vietnam with a myriad of amazing experiences. It will be one of the best options to spend your Vietnam tour with a beach break immersing into mind-blowing landscapes of nature, covered with the most authentic experiences.

Possessing 3260 km of coastline, Vietnam beaches are truly paradise for beach lovers to sit back, relax and forget all the hustle and bustle of their life that’s a million miles away. Be prepared to admire the unspoiled nature, blue clear water, multi-hued sea creatures, and the fascinating lifestyle of locals in your Vietnam beach holiday. Vietnam’s major beaches are not very far from big cities and are easily approached within a few hours by bus.

Vietnam Local Tour Operator offers the best Vietnam beach vacations in the top beach destinations such as Hoi An beach tour, Quy Nhon beach tour, Phu Quoc beach tour, Danang beach tour, and Nha Trang beach tour… Please choose your ideal package from the list below, and bear in mind that if you do not see any tour appropriate, please contact us for a free inquiry and our travel expert will help you to customize your own Vietnam beach tour that fits your unique need.

Top Vietnam Beach Holiday Packages

Tour Route: Ho Chi Minh City - Con Dao Island - Con Dao Prison - Con Dao National Park - Ho Chi Minh City

Tour Highlights

  • Immerse yourself in the stunning beaches and untouched landscapes of Con Dao Island.
  • Gain a deeper understanding of Vietnam's history with visits to Con Dao Museum, Phu Hai prison, tiger cage, and Hang Duong Cemetery.
  • Enjoy leisure time for swimming and snorkeling at picturesque beaches or opt for excursions to Hon Tai and Hon Bay Canh.
  • Discover Con Dao National Park's diverse flora and fauna through trekking and wildlife observation.

Vietnam Beach Tours

Da Nang Beach Tour – 5 Days

Closed to Da Nang city, this spectacular place faces the endless East Sea with the Marble Mountains at the back, white sand and clear water. The American named My Khe Beach, (local name are My Khe & Non Nuoc beaches) was made famous by the war and subsequent US TV series. My Khe Beach was the place for American soldiers did R&R during the war. It is a long beach that stretches all the way down to Cua Dai beach at Hoi An, though you will get a larger surf at My Khe Beach. My Khe Beach actually hosted Vietnam’s first International Surfing Competition in 1992.

Ham Thuan Nam is great beach belong to Binh Thuan province, about 150 km away from north of Ho Chi Minh City, that is so beautiful destination for beach vacation holiday which is reach by car. 2 nights luxury package stay in Princess An Nam 5 stars spa resort would give you great time to rest, relax on premium beach, enjoy fresh delicious seafood and event can get know about daily life culture of fishing villagers around.

Cua Dai beach is located about 4 km from Hoi An old town, the beach is about 3 km long, 1 km of which is ideal with white sand, blue sea, clear, sunshine, cool water, and sloping sea floor. Cua Dai is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the Center of Vietnam. Along with a unique beach of white sand, there are numerous beach resorts. Cua Dai beach will be surely developed into an idea center for beach vacation and recreation with distinctive character.

Vietnam Beach Tours

Mui Ne Beach Tour – 5 Days

Mui Ne is located in the eastern coast of Phan Thiet, Binh Thuan province and 300 km north of Ho Chi Minh City. Mui Ne boasts shady roads under coconut trees, a beautiful beach and cliffs battered by the waves of the sea. The typical scenery of Mui Ne lies in the sand dunes which are moving lines of golden sand caused by the wind and when they are seen from afar they look like moving waves. It now is developing in to the top place for beach vacation in Vietnam with numerous of resorts along the beach. Mui Ne is an ideal place for rest and relaxation.

Vietnam Beach Tours

Nha Trang Beach Tour – 5 Days

Nha Trang is Vietnam premier beach resort with sugar white sand beach shaded with palm trees and lapped by the warm East Sea. This resort town is well known for its miles of beach and the friendliness of its people. The city is flanked by nearly ten kilometers of prime beach where the water is warm year round. Snorkeling and scuba diving is excellent-as is the nightlife along the strip of oceanfront restaurants, bars and cafes. Today, Nha Trang ranks among the top beaches in all Vietnam. Nha Trang has several famous islands; most notable are Hon Tre, Hon Yen, Hon Rua. So take a boat trip and discover the small, isolated islands where you can stop to explore hidden coves and swim in crystal-clear water.

From Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), join in Phu Quoc 4-day itineraries tour to immerse yourself in dreaming beaches of Phu Quoc Island. Exhaust all of your energy with interesting outdoor activities along with local fishing village and then relax in luxurious resorts for excellent services as well as unforgettable moments.

Vietnam Beach Tours

Quy Nhon Beach Tour – 3 Days

Quy Nhon is 700 km South of Hanoi and 500 km North of Ho Chi Minh City. It is located in Pacific Ocean coastline with natural favors great white sandy beach and warm climate all year around. So here is recommended place to get away from city life to enjoy beach vacation in style.