Teh Dar Show | Spectacle Cultural Show in Hoi An

Teh Dar Show -Spectacle Cultural Show in Hoi An

The Teh Dar Show is not just a regular performance. For foreign tourists having a trip to Hoi An, Vietnam, it is even more desirable to have access to these wild melodies. All will be represented through the Teh Dar Show.

Teh Dar Show is one of the must-see cultural shows in Vietnam. For most viewers, it is a reminder of the Vietnamese homeland, and the Teh Dar show is now very popular. With the foundation and materials inspired primarily by the culture of the Central Highlands people, Teh Dar’s show has received much praise.

Read the article from Vietnam local tour operators to learn more about this show that artfully depicts Vietnamese tribal culture. The traditional culture of Vietnam’s Central Highlands region is still full of myths that many people still want to explore today.

What is the Teh Dar Show?

Teh Dar in K’ho language means to go around. In the culture of all ethnic groups in the Central Highlands, all community activities carry this symbol. The name of the show Teh Dar therefore implies that as long as the population of the central highlands continues to move; culture, tradition and ethnicity remain. This circle of life and culture will continue.

Like traditional plays (My Village or A O show), Teh Dar is a performing art combining circus, balance, acrobatics, juggling and contemporary dance. Players will perform with live music. The artists use around 20 types of folk instruments from the Central Highlands people, such as Bhana, E De, K’ho and Giarai. The list includes gongs, drums, kipa, ding nam, to rung, tu va and other traditional musical instruments, which are original artifacts of the Central Highlands. The piece has minimal lines and a non-linear structure that does not follow chronological order. Artists use performance techniques to incorporate folk props to depict different aspects of the life and culture of the Vietnamese people.

What is the Teh Dar Show in Hoi An

What makes Teh Dar Show unique?

Vietnamese Bamboo Circus

The most exciting part of the play is the acrobatic and storytelling circus. The choreographers boldly arranged and used bamboo tools to form an inspiring artistic performance. In the esteemed light and minimalist scene, an image of the mountainous central highlands delighted the audience. The scenes were pushed to the climax and full of feeling.

What makes Teh Dar Show unique - Hoi An show

Attractive Music of Tribal Instrument

Music is a highlight at every climax of this contemporary theater performance. The minimalist stage, bright light and live sound penetrate deep into the hearts of spectators. According to musician Nguyen Nhat Ly, he is even more ambitious for Teh Dar. Music will not stop supporting a piece. This makes the people of Vietnam, especially those with a homeland in the central highlands, remember the original source, from the buffalo horn to the tribe’s original percussion instruments.

Vietnamese Bamboo Circus - Teh Dar Show in Hoi An

Creative Performances

The Teh Dar show has its distinctive color for each performance. Dramatic phases such as rope acrobatics and fire dancing created a substantial effect on viewers. The audience will be impressed by the mourning of each performer. Since then, they have appreciated the value of this performance.

You can see the Teh Dar Show in two theaters in Vietnam:
Saigon Opera House: 07 Cong Truong Lam Son Street, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City.
Hoi An Lune Center: 1A Nguyen Phuc Chu Street, Minh An District, Hoi An, Quang Nam.

Teh Dar show - Hoi An show