Hanoi Attractions

Emperor Ly Thai To moved his capital here. It is not exaggerative to proclaim that Hanoi is one of the most amazing cities in the world that attracts millions of tourists who come to visit and discover the history, landscape, culture and even people of this stunning land. Your trip to Vietnam would not be complete without paying a visit to this heroic and sacred Vietnam’s capital as it has so much to offer.

There are myriad highlights of Hanoi that you should not be missed such as the ancient Hanoi Old Quarter, the historic Long Bien Bridge, Temple of Literature, Hoan Kiem Lake and Hanoi’s Opera House. Each place has its own outstanding characteristics that make deep impression on those who are first-timers. Heading to Hanoi Old Quarter certainly provides you the sense of wandering around the 36 old streets; each carrying different names and selling distinctive products. With Temple of Literature, come and join the peaceful atmosphere of the Vietnam’s first university, whereas let’s experience the strong vitality of Long Bien Bridge which had suffered from tons of bombs by French colonial.

What’s more, Hanoi has become one of the top tourist attractions thanks to its uniquely mouth-watering local cuisine, coupled with refreshingly cool beers. Most of you must have been familiar with the specialties including Bun Cha, Banh Mi or Pho which has been listed as the top flavorful food in the world. Especially, Hanoians are extremely amiable, friendly and hospital who are always willing to share their cultural and historic experience.
To put it briefly, Hanoi is such a wonderful city that those who visited it once dreams coming back someday to experience the harmony of traditional and modern Vietnam’s capital culture.