Long Bien Bridge

Long Bien Bridge

The wartime in the past always weighs heavily on the consciousness of Vietnamese people about a grief period with sufferings and losses. Vietnam today is a country at peace. However, reminders of the Vietnam war, especially the period of French colonial. Amongst historical remnants, Long Bien Bridge is one of the greatest ones with strong vitality of long-lasting existence. If you are planning a trip to Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam, do not forget to add Long Bien Bridge into your bucket list. For a hassle-free and secure exploration of Vietnam, reputable Vietnam local tour operators can provide valuable insights into local practices, ensuring a safe and enjoyable travel experience.

Long Bien Bridge’s history

A trip to explore this ancient and historic bridge of Vietnam would not be complete with the ignorance of heroic Long Bien Bridge’s history.

Long Bien Bridge, with no doubt, has been a living witness to historical events. During the French colonial, the bridge was an indispensable strategic site which made great contribution to the battle against the invaders to regain the control of northern Vietnam. By connecting Hanoi and Hai Phong port, Long Bien Bridge played a very important role in transporting rice to support the army. However, during the second Vietnam War, in 1967, the heroic bridge was heavily bombed 20 USAF F-105 fighter-bombers. Despite that severe attack, the bridge remained brave against bombers to maintain the transportation of food as well as ammunition. Unfortunately, Long Bien Bridge had to suffer from heavy damage. After that, it was soon restored to its original shape.


Built during the year from 1989 to 1902 under French colonization, the bridge is well designed by the French Architect Gustave Eiffel but constructed by Vietnamese workers involving more than 3,000 people. Unfortunately, some of them died when implementing the construction. With a length of 2.4 kilometer, Long Bien Bridge was the longest bridge in the Asia at that time.

Tips to explore Long Bien Bridge

Over the past 100 years, Long Bien Bridge is a cultural and historical symbol of Hanoi. It is closely linked with war days of the Vietnamese with a lot of historical events taking place. Now and forever, the bridge will live with the time and the heroic Vietnam.

It is worth a visit to Long Bien Bridge to get an insight into the unique architecture of the bridge itself or stand on the bridge to admire the sunset or sunrise in order to get the taste of an old Hanoi as well as take some stunning and appealing photo of the surrounding scenery and daily activities of local people.

How to get there?

Long Bien Bridge is easy to reach. From the Hanoi Old Quarter, you can walk to Long Bien Bridge, which takes just around 15 to 20 minutes. Another choice is to rent a motorbike as there are a lot of motorbikes for rent in the Old Quarter with reasonable price.
Don’t hesitate to plan a trip to Long Bien Bridge to enjoy best moments in your life. Have a good time in Vietnam!