Perfume Pagoda

Perfume Pagoda

Vietnamese people cherish tradition and preserve patriotic spirits. They often go to the pagoda for worshiping and expressing respect to their ancestors. Actually, Vietnamese people’s spiritual life is diverse with a lot of things for overseas visitors to learn. If you are interested in exploring the unique values of culture in Vietnam, Perfume Pagoda is a must-visit place that would definitely meet your needs and expectations.


Nestled in My Duc town on the Yen River, which is 70 kilometers to the south of Hanoi center, Huong Pagoda is a well-known riverside complex of Buddhist temples. Legend has it that the site was first discovered 2,000 years ago by a Buddhist monk and then the first temple was built during the 15th century.

Highlights of Perfume Pagoda

The complex is the home to a number of pagodas and Buddhist shrines covered by limestone cliffs. Nowadays, Perfume Pagoda is not only a religious site but also a popular attractive tourist destination in Hanoi, Vietnam.

Capture all the sights, sounds and tastes of the site, a visit to the main temple of the complex, Perfume Pagoda is the most optimal choice. Also called Chua Trong, Perfume Pagoda is located inside the Huong Tich Cave. The entrance to the cave is shaped like a dragon’s mouth decorated with Chinese letters with the meaning ‘first cave of the Soulth World’. Also, there is a collection of caves and statues of deities as well as Buddha including Lord Buddha. Moreover, Perfume Pagoda also makes it name for stalactites as well as stalagmites which are considered to bring good luck.

The surrounding scenery is also worth your time with a panoramic view of the temple. You can catch a glimpse of apricot and medicinal herbs. In addition, there are myriad interesting temples that worth a visit such as Vong Temple, Thuyet Kinh Cave and Thien Son Pagoda.

The Perfume Huong Pagoda often takes place from the sixth day of the first month until to the 3rd month according to the lunar calendar. People can have a chance to enjoy dragon dance in the yard of Trinh Pagoda or participate exciting activities including sailing the royal barge. During this time, a lot of people flock to Perfume Pagoda to take part in interesting festival as well as wish for a new year with good luck, health and wealthy.

How to get there?

From the Hanoi center, you can catch a taxi or a car to approach the destination, which takes you around two hours. When reaching My Duc District, you can take a small boat to reach the complex. It takes you around one hour before reaching the foot of the mountain.

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