Hanoi Opera House

Hanoi Opera House

Hanoi is the home to a collection of French-colonial architecture, old streets and ancient houses with thousands of years old. Amongst most outstanding architectural buildings, Hanoi Opera House stands out of the crowded with strong vitality reflecting a long history. Welcome to Hanoi Opera House and spend a day trip in Hanoi to get the taste of the capital of Vietnam.

A long history

Constructed in 1911 by the French, Hanoi Opera House was against the time to survive until the present day and plays an indispensable role to be the political, cultural and architectural symbol of the city. Renovated in the late 1990s, it is a 900-seat opera house with incredible exterior designed with French neoclassical style. The appearance of the building is a perfect combination of shuttered windows, tiles friezes and iron balconies. It is to say, Hanoi Opera House is an emblem of European architectural.

Great Architecture

Featured as the largest theater in Vietnam of all time, Hanoi Opera House has a reputation for its unique and beautiful architectural style. On the bed of the building, 3,000 bamboos were placed on the bed. One more no less impressive thing is that there is a large stage for artists to perform and a major audience room. Especially, because of the influence of architectural style under the Renaissance period, the landmark of the building lies in the Italian-style floor made from marble, coupled with copper chandeliers and French murals on the ceiling.

Distinct historic and political value

For centuries, Hanoi Opera House has its own distinct historical and architectural values. Built under the French colonial, the building is a living witness to dramatic changes of Vietnam’s society and its culture as well as tradition under the rule of the French. During the late 19th and early 12th, Hanoi opera House saw historical and political events taking places, especially the one closely attached with the August Revolutionary. Moreover, the building also witnesses a lot of ups and downs of the early years of Vietnam Democratic Republic.

Remarkable performances of the theater

The theater in the past used to be the place hosting excusive performance for French officials and the rich Vietnamese. At the present day, it is not only the center of culture but also a popular place for important events to take place.

Hanoi Opera House is the place to organize big music concerts with two most striking ones including Toyota Concert and Hennessy Classical Concert that are held annually. Additionally, there are a plenty of traditional and classical Vietnamese music with the participation by best Vietnamese singers such as My Linh, Hong Nhung and Thanh Lam.

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