Dong Ngac Cultural Village

Dong Ngac Cultural Village

Vietnam has a reputation for traditional and cultural villages being the home to unique values of culture as well as tradition. If you are planning a trip to discover the beauty of traditional villages in the capital of Vietnam and have not made up your mind on where to spend your day trip in Hanoi, Dong Ngac Cultural Village is one of the most optimal choice to make your trip unforgettable.

Situated in the north Tu Liem District near the legendary Red River, which is about 10 kilometers away from Hanoi, Dong Ngac Cultural Village is amongst the few village that remains intact until the contemporary time with ancient culture and historic architecture that cannot be mixed with others no matter how fast the integration of urbanization and globalization is.

Come to visit Dong Ngac cultural village, you will be overwhelmed by a charming and ancient beauty of a long-established village featuring a big mossy green gate. Stepping into the village is almost like a journey back in ancient time with brick-paved road, mossy walls as well as peaceful and tranquil atmosphere, which makes it totally different from the hustling and bustling streets of crowded cities.
The most outstanding destination in Dong Ngac cultural village is the communal house constructed in 1653. The house is the place to worship three genies encompassing Thien Than, Dia Than and Nhan Than and for villagers to gather and organize traditional events. Moreover, the house is also the home to valuable old painting at the reign of Ly Dynasty in which daily life of people including harvesting, fishing and farming are truthfully depicted. Another remarkable place is Tu Khanh pagoda or an ancestral house honoring Do The Giai. Do not miss this place as you can have an opportunity to enjoy interesting stories and indulge in exploring unique cultural values of the villages, thereby widening your body of knowledge.

Despite rapid modernization and urbanization, Dong Ngac cultural village still preserves its distinct cultural values that cannot be mixed with others.
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