Bat Trang ceramic village

Bat Trang ceramic village

Welcome to Vietnam – the land with unique values of biodiversity, culture and architecture and exploring distinctive culture quintessence. Nowadays, ceramic villages have become a symbolic image of Vietnamese people and they also appeal to overseas tourists’ curiosity. A trip to Vietnam would not be complete without paying a visit to one of the most well-known ceramic villages in Vietnam – Bat Trang ceramic village. Therefore, with no doubt, exploring this famous village is one of the must-do things to make your trip much more enjoyable.

Where is it?

Bat Trang ceramic village locates on the other side of Chuong Duong Bridge which is around 13 kilometers to the southwest of Hanoi center, Bat Trang ceramic village. Belonging to Gia Lam district, you can catch bus 47 (Long Bien- Bat Trang) which departs every 20 minutes. Or if you are at the Hanoi Old Quarter, it is just a short distance from Dong Xuan Market to this traditional village.

Is it long-established?

Bat Trang ceramic village is believed to be established in the 14th century. There are interesting stories involving its origin. One tells that during the reign of Ly Dynasty, there are 3 scholars who made a mission trip to China had a chance to get an insight into pottery making in the neighboring country. After finishing their trip, they came back Vietnam and brought the lessons about ceramic craft that they learned and taught people in Bat Trang. In another story reported the origin of Bat Trang ceramic village in the 10th century under the King Ly Thai To. After relocating the capital city, a lot of businessmen and crafters came to the area and settled down to develop trade industry. Bat Trang, at that time, was famous for a selection of white clay, which made it attractive for tons of potters to come and construct their kilns there. Since then, the pottery village still maintains its tradition of making unique products with high quality and has developed until the present time.

What does Bat Trang ceramic village offers?

Characterized as the most famous village producing ceramic and pottery products, Bat Trang ceramic village becomes the home to large-scale pottery production with unique and traditional methods by talented potters. Everything from daily household use such as bottles, bowls, cups and plates to artistic products you can find here. Moreover, there is a wide variety of utilitarian wares including flowerpots, vases, jars and teacups or cult wares such as lamps, candle holders, swords and so on. There is nothing quite like getting an insight into all pottery and porcelain showrooms while witnessing talented and professional artisans manufacturing and painting their products.

What to do in Bat Trang ceramic village?

To get the taste of the village, you are advised to take part in a buffalo tour with local to exploring and shopping every corner of the village. Pay a visit to ceramic stores along the road of the village to capture colorful handicrafts and witnessing exchanging activities of locals. One of the highlight that Bat Trang ceramic village offers is Bat Trang Porcelain and Pottery Market where you can have hands-on experience by making colorful and unique pottery and ceramic by yourself. It is such a great idea to make your own products and give them to your friends or relatives as a souvenir.
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