One Pillar Pagoda

One Pillar Pagoda - Vietnam tour package

There is a broad collection of stunning tourist destinations in Hanoi. One Pillar Pagoda is amongst the most famous one with millions of visits annually. For a long time, One Pillar Pagoda has become a symbolic image of the Vietnamese people in general and Hanoians in particular. To get the taste of the miracle Vietnam, do not hesitate to take a trip to this wonderful site.


Located in Ong Ich Khiem Street, Ba Dinh District, which is the western part of the city, near Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, One Pillar Pagoda is a cultural and historical relic with distinct architecture.


Constructed between 1028 and 1054 by Emperor Ly Thai Tong during the Ly Dynasty, One Pillar Pagoda has its own story. Legend has it that King Ly Thai Tong dreamed of the Goodness of Mercy, also called Quan Am sitting on a lotus flower. At that time, the King was already old and did not have successor. In his dream, Quan Am gave him a son resting on a lotus flower. Then Emporer Ly Thai Tong made his own commitment to construct a pagoda with only one pillar which bears a resemblance to the lotus flower which also symbolizes Buddhist illumination. In order to express his deep gratitude, a pagoda in the middle of lotus pond was erected.

One Pillar Pagoda highlights

One Pillar Pagoda, as its name states, stands on only one pillar in the middle of a square lake surrounded by lotus flowers. The pagoda has made its name for unique structure with the shape of lotus. Supported by wooden structure, One Pillar Pagoda is 1.25 meter in diameter and was designed under the model of a lotus flower rising out of the water surface as this kind of flower demonstrates the purity despite being in a muddy pond. There is a statue of Quan Am inside the pagoda. Experience a long history of thousands of years, One Pillar Pagoda had to suffer from heavy damage with many time being rebuilt. Although it was reconstructed with the first appearance, it is now a concrete pagoda rather than the original wooden pillar.

One more interesting about One Pillar Pagoda is that the statue of Quan Am sitting on a lacquer of the highest position. It can be said that everything appearing in the dream of Emperor Ly Thai Tong was portrayed here. With just one pillar, the pagoda has proved its strong vitality against the time to exist until the present time and become of the best places with unique architecture in Hanoi.

Additional information

You do not have to pay any money for entrance fee. Also, you can plan your time and visit the pagoda between 8:00 and 17:00 every day. Remember to relax and enjoy the tranquility of the surrounding areas by wandering around lust gardens.

One more thing you should bear in mind is that it is a religious and spiritual place, so you are advised to wear suitable clothing. Do not wear short skirts or anything like that.
For over thousands of years, One Pillar Pagoda still remains intact as a spiritual majesty of the country with unique cultural and historical values. Actually, it deserves to be the symbol of Hanoi, which will definitely promote further development of Vietnam’s tourism in general and Hanoi tours in particular.

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