Hoi An Attractions

Hoi An Ancient Town, perched at the bottom of Thu Bon River (Quang Nam), is a world cultural heritage site with a wide range of attractions. Discover Hoi An to search for something distinctly different.
Explore the narrow footpath along the old streets surrounded with ancient houses including Tan Ky ancient commercial house, Phung Hung Ancient Trading House, Phuc Kien Assembly Halls. Not only famous for the fascinating mixture of Vietnamese, Chinese and Japanese architecture with over a thousand of historic places, Hoi An Ancient town is well-known for its unique characteristics and heritage culture.

Continue the journey with a walk through lantern making workshops and tailor shops to buy some unique items if you like. Do not forget to get a glimpse of peaceful villages (Kim Bong, Tra Que, Thanh Ha, Phuoc Kieu) having crafts such as carpentry, vegetable, bronze castinging, ceramic to deeper understand locals’ daily life.
Cua Dai Beach is an ideal choice to enjoy the fresh atmosphere and the sea breeze after visiting the town. Admire the sun setting over the the scenic river and see the local cast fishing net on their small boat is the highlight. This experience certainly gives you peaceful feelings and intense excitement.