Kim Bong Carpentry Village

Kim Bong Carpentry Village

Kim Bong Carpentry Village is amongst the best places for those who have passion for exploring the quintessence of Vietnam’s culture as well as traditional handicrafts.  The village today has become a popular place for both domestic and overseas visitors to pay a visit to this trademark of Hoi An.

An overview

Established in the late 15th century, Hoi An can be approached by a 10-minute trip by ferry from Hoi An Ancient Town.  Exist for over 600 years old, Kim Bong Carpentry village is one of the landmark if Hoi An that has made its name for long-lasting woodwork featuring well-known artisans from the reign of Nguyen Emperors. The village, with no doubt, has made great contribution to the potential tourism development of the whole area.

Kim Bong carpentry village’s highlights

The woodwork has been handed down from earlier generation to the later one, which helps to shape the unique identity of the village. Do not hesitate to take time and explore the taste of the village. Stepping into this land, you can hear the typical sounds that exist in most carpentry village including cutting, chiseling and drilling.

Kim Bong carpentry village has a lot to offer visitors. There is a wide range of wood products such as furniture, statues of Buddha, cabinets and so on. Its products are traded not only within locals but also in every corner of the world. Characterized as a long-established traditional village, Kim Bong carpentry village also has a reputation of shipbuilding and wood carvings with countless high-quality products. Kim Bong carpentry today is flourishing than ever with great support from talented and highly skilled craftsmen, promoting to reach further development.

Kim Bong carpentry village, in the eyes of international tourists, is a gentle village which captures the taste of charming Hoi An Ancient Town. Products offered by the ancient village also made a deep impression of foreign travelers for its distinct and meaningful image of traditional patterns. Each is made with passion and enthusiasm by talented artisans who devote their time and effort to generate such a perfect product.

One of the most amazing things to do when visiting Kim Bong carpentry village is to catch a glimpse of wonderful carpentry workshop and gain a first-hand experience of perfect sculptures by excellent artists. What’s more, it is a great idea to spend time wandering around to have an insight into unique products including censer carved 1000 dragons which reflects the historic 1000-year cultural Thang Long, Hanoi.
In comparison to other traditional village, Kim Bong carpentry village maintains its rustic feature. All the products of the village are always kept to retain natural wood color. Carry its own aesthetic beauty, Kim Bong carpentry village would definitely reach further to become one of the most attractive tourist destinations in Hoi An.

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