Hoi An Museum of Folk Culture

Hoi An Museum of Folk Culture

Hoi An Museum of Folk Culture has made its name for an impressive place for storing ancient traditional values and then opening its door to international visitors. Hoi An Museum of Folk Culture, with no exception, has come across to the top attractive tourist destinations in Hoi An.


Hoi An Museum of Folk Culture is easy to reach. It is located at Nguyen Thai Hoc Street, Hoi An, Quang Nam Province.

Hoi An Museum of Folk Culture’s architecture

The museum used to be an ancient house in Hoi An Ancient Town. With the length of 57 meter and width of 9 meter, Hoi An Museum of Folk Culture is a two-floor building with the floor mainly constructed with wood. Spreading over an area of 369 square meters, the museum has an outstanding sculpture featuring unique carving on wood, thereby reflecting the sophistication and meticulousness with an effort to construct the house.

Hoi An Museum of Folk Culture’s highlights

Experience a long history of radical change in history and culture, the museum is still an original place for storing intangible culture, being home to approximately 484 artifacts portraying four major themes including folk visual art, ancient folk activities, old villages and folk oratorio art. Setting your foot on the first floor, you can lay your eyes on lanterns, silk goods and mats provided by traditional villages in Hoi An. Moreover, there is also a selection of both Vietnamese and Chinese costume, coupled with other tools and products coming from ancient Hoi An villages.

Regarded as a cultural institution of the area, Hoi An museum of Folk Culture is a place hosting performing activities and exhibitions of photographs as well as artifacts, shaping the identical spiritual and cultural life of people of Hoi An. There is no denying that culture and tradition of the region have been fully reflected through unique sculpture, carvings, paintings and so on. In addition, take time to visit the museum and enjoy folk oratorio art shows known as ‘Bai Choi’, ‘Thien Cau’ dance and ‘Ba Trao’ singing. Each possesses pretty and unique dance and melody. Those activities are performed in big festivals with a view to bring luck and peace for local people and they have become indispensable cultural activities depicting the unity of the whole community and people in the Central of Vietnam.

Hoi An Museum of Folk Culture along with Kim Bong carpentry village, Nam Dieu – Thanh Ha pottery villages and other traditional villages has contributed to the multicolor picture of Vietnam’s cultural identity with well-preserved artistic quintessence. By adopting a visit to the museum, you can have a chance to not only witness interesting artistic performances but also have an insight into the history and diverse culture of the region, thereby widening your perspective of the outside world and broadening your body of knowledge.

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