Tra Nhieu Ecological Village

Tra Nhieu Ecological Village

Vietnam is the home to a collection of traditional handicraft and cultural villages, shaping unique Vietnam’s identity that cannot be mixed with others. It is also a distinct beauty contributing the multicolor picture of traditional Vietnamese villages.


Located in Tra Dong village, Duy Vinh commune, Duy Xuyen district, Quang Nam province, Tra Nhieu Ecological Village possesses distinctive characteristics that appeal to visitors’ emotion. Also, it is a few of villages that still remain its charm and elegance with natural scenery and unique traditional handicrafts handed down from earlier generations to the later one.

Best of Tra Nhieu Ecological Village

For those who are planning a trip to Hoi An, it is worth a visit to Tra Nhieu Ecological Village as there are countless exciting to see and to do in this lovely land. Spreading over an area of 60 hectares, Tra Nhieu Ecological Village, first and foremost, is the home to well-known traditional handicrafts including mat weaving, fisheries and so on.

Visitors coming to explore the area will be first impressed by the path leading to the village. Surrounded by tranquil and rustic landscape, you can have a chance to admire the truly beauty of the area with a vast area of Nipa palm forest and unique bamboo bridge, thereby sensing the authentic scenery of Vietnam’ traditional village.

Actually, it is hard to resist the simply but alluring beauty, which makes it one of the most amazing tourist attractions captivating both domestic and international visitors’ heart and mind.

Go inside the village, you will be occupied by a peaceful and rustic countryside representing most typical characteristics of Vietnam’s villages. Come to explore the village, you can gain a first-hand experience of daily lives of local people with such everyday activities as livestock farming, traditional handicrafts and fisheries. Moreover, do not forget to enjoy mouth-watering local delicacies to get the taste of the region including dishes from mussels, jellyfishes, shrimps, crabs and so on.

It can be said that lives of the locals here are desirable for many people who want to escape the hustling and bustling atmosphere in crowded cities. Peaceful and beautiful scenery, diverse seafood and long-established traditional handicrafts will offer a slow pace of life to live life to the fullest with calm moments. One more interesting thing to do in Tra Nhieu Ecological Village is to join local activities namely ‘ho khoan’ or ‘ba trao’ which are performed on boats, reflecting a serene life led by hospital, amiable and friendly local people.

With the distinct ecological beauty of the countryside, Tra Nhieu Ecological Village would reach further as one of the best place to pay a visit known by a majority of both domestic and overseas visitors. For a hassle-free and secure exploration of Vietnam, a reputable Vietnam travel agency can provide valuable insights into local practices, ensuring a safe and enjoyable travel experience.