Dong Ba Market

Dong Ba Market

Vietnam – the land of miracles blessed with magnificent landscapes, historical relics, mouth-watering cuisine, friendly and highly cultured people. Especially, Vietnam has a reputation for a collection of markets representing most typical features of Vietnamese people’s daily live. Come to Hue, the former imperial capital of Vietnam and join the busy atmosphere of Dong Ba Market which is considered the biggest commercial and business hub of Hue to get the sense of the ancient city.


Nestled along the bank of Perfume River on Tran Hung Dao Street, Dong Ba Market is from Trang Tien Bridge to Gia Hoi Bridge. Characterized as a long-established market, Dong Ba Market has become an indispensable part of local people’s lives.

Before the appearance of Dong Ba Market, there existed Qui Gia Thi Market under the reign of Emperor Gia Long. However, the market was destroyed in 1885. Two year later, King Dong Khanh ordered the reconstruction and the market was renamed Dong Ba Market.

Dong Ba Market highlights

The market comprises a total of 33 major compartments with 8 compartments set in front of the market, 13 compartments on the right and 12 ones behind the market. One more remarkable feature of the market is that there is a stone well where people can take the water. Moreover, you can catch a glance at the outstanding bell tower amidst the building complex.

In terms of products, there are a variety of items including essential everyday goods, craft products and local dishes. For those who are interested in craft products, Dong Ba Market is a perfect place for shopping traditional handicraft offered by talented artisans in Hue. Besides those items, you can also find a wide range of products such as Phu Cam conical hats, Phuoc Tich pottery varying in shapes and sizes, Hien Luong scissors, Ke Mon jewelry, Tinh Tam lotus and so on.

Do not forget to indulge in local cuisine which is considered one of the best foods in South-east Asia. There are myriad scrumptious dishes one can find in the market including sour shrimp, bean puddings, beef and chicken noodle soups, pancakes and shrimp cakes. Actually, there is nothing quite like grabbing delicious meal while immersing in hustling and bustling atmosphere of the market with the participation of not only locals but also outside merchants and businessmen.

For a long time, Dong Ba Market has become an integral part of local people. Also, it is the iconic symbol of the former imperial capital, Hue. Although Hue is witnessing the astonishing pace of ever-increasing Hue’s markets, Dong Ba Market remains its own characteristics and cultural values to become the biggest and the most important market in Hue.

Tips for a trip to Dong Ba Market

First and foremost, bargaining is really vital for those who want to purchase anything in the market, especially foreign visitors. So, you should bear in minds some tips to achieve a successful negotiation. Usually, it is suggested that you should start haggle from half of the initial price. Shopping around to understand the market is also necessary. One thing you should remember is that be friendly with sellers and it would be better to maintain a win-win negotiation rather than a win-lose one in order to make it easier for a purchase.

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