Hoi An Silk Village

Hoi An Silk Village

Your trip to Hoi An would not be complete without spending time exploring one of the most superb traditional village – Hoi An Silk Village.

Situated in Nguyen Tat Thanh Street, about 1 kilometer away from the center of the ancient town, Hoi An Silk Village, at the contemporary time, is an attractive destination appealing to both local and foreign visitors. For a long time, the village has existed along with Hoi An Ancient Town and become an iconic symbol of the area. Add Hoi An Silk Village into your bucket list to take a chance to witness traditional fabric-weaving methods by the locals and have an insight into unique handicraft products.
Hoi An, for a long time, has been gaining its ever-increasing popularity for silk and silk products which are of various shapes and sizes as well as high quality. Hoi An Silk Village exists with many generations of the village and it still maintains the quintessence of Vietnam’s culture and tradition, thereby shaping unique identity that cannot be mixed with other villages. Especially, the village becomes the home to sericulture, mulberry and silkworm, which contributes to the traditional silk making of Hoi An cultural heritage.

Visitors to Hoi An Silk Village can have a chance to immerse in the world of not only colorful silk and silk products but also experience the unique values of traditional Vietnamese craft village. Moreover, a visit to Hoi An Silk Village will be much more enjoyable for tourists to try on traditional silk costume, indulge in beautiful folk vocals by local girls as well as grab specialties offered by the locals. One of the most amazing things is that you will be guided on how to choose best silk and different categories of silk. Moreover, the village also hosts myriad cultural and traditional events. It cannot be denied that Hoi An Silk Village not only makes good impression on not only tourists but also become of rich source of inspiration for great writers and lovers of the region.

One more highlight of the village lies in its collection of convenient bars and restaurants which are uniquely designed with the ideal of incorporating poetic landscape and tranquil nature into traditional patterns. Here, tourists can have a chance to admire beautiful silk products and enjoy countless mouth-watering traditional dishes offered by villagers including scrumptious traditional cao lau and noodles in Quang Nam styles–  famous delicacies of Quang Nam Province.

There are a broad selection of popular and unique tourist spots encompassing Champa mulberry garden with 300 years old, Cuu Dien brocade weaving, Cham brocade weaving and traditional house representing 100 old costumes of Vietnam’s 54 ethnic groups. Hoi An Silk Village today has reach further with the increasing demand of fashion apparel for customers.

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