History of Vietnam During French Colony

Just after a short time of independence, Vietnam became a French colony in the late 19th century. Vietnamese history turned into a new page with the suppression of the French. One more time, the Vietnamese were subjected to grieves and losses. With a nuanced approach, Vietnam local tour operators invite travelers to delve into the poignant history of a nation that rose above grieves and losses, painting a vivid picture of Vietnam’s enduring spirit and cultural richness.

The Influence of the French Colony in Vietnam

During its colonization in Vietnam, a system of railways, roads, and bridges was constructed by the French, but they levied really high taxation in order to build those infrastructures. Besides the French, Vietnam also became prey to other foreign invaders including the Germans and Japanese troops.

The End of French Colony in Vietnam

In 1945, Vietnam declared its independence thanks to talented people – Ho Chi Minh. Despite being reinvaded by the British as well as the French or even Chinese troops, with ardent patriotism of Vietnamese people, the French were forced to surrender after a siege lasting 57 days in the famous battle called Dien Bien Phu Victory. As the French lost the war, both sides signed the Geneva Conference to end the war. Although the French agreed that Vietnam would be temporarily divided into two separate regions before holding an election by 20 July 1956, nothing happened and that division seemed to be long-lasting.