Vietnam History

Well-known worldwide as one of the countries rising from the long-term yoke of domination, colonization, and smoke of wars, Vietnam history is proud of its old, magical and heroic history pages. The Vietnamese have not only written a book of over 4000 thousand years of building and defending the country but they also make many efforts to add new pages of its integration and development process on a par with powerful nations in the world as an aspiration of its great leader – President Ho Chi Minh. Let’s learn and research Vietnamese history with the best Vietnam Tour Operator.
Vietnam’s history can be divided into the following stages:

  • Vietnamese Pre-history: First human trace and from Paleolithic to Neolithic
  • Early Dynasty Epoch: Hong Bang, Thuc, Trieu Dynasty (c.2879 – 111 B.C)
  • Chinese Occupation: 111 BC – 938 AD
  • Feudal Period: 939 – 1858
  • French Colonization and the Establishment of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam: 1858-1954
  • The Vietnam War: 1954-1975
  • Independence, Integration and Development Period: 1975 – until now