Vietnam History in the Period of Independence

Vietnam history goes back thousands of years, has experienced a long time under the rule of foreign invaders. In the 20th century, the north if Vietnam was under a Communist regime, whereas the south was ruled by Ngo Dinh Diem. After a series of enemy’s evasion, especially the U.S troop, Vietnamese people succeeded in forcing the American troops to withdraw from Vietnam thanks to the launch of the Tet offensive in January 1968. The most outstanding point is that since the launch of the Doi Moi reform in 1986, Vietnam has gained remarkable achievements regarding economic development with a high and steady growth rate. The flourishing market economy has helped Vietnam steadily progress in the path of industrialization, modernization as well as international integration. Moreover, in 1994, the USA lifted an economic embargo, which helps to restore diplomatic relations between Vietnam and America in 1995. Vietnam today is a country at peace blessed by Mother Nature with stunning magnificent landscapes, unique values of culture and architecture. At the contemporary time, this S-shaped country has across to the top of amazing tourist destinations in south-east Asia. For sure, the strong vitality of Vietnamese historical places, cultural tradition values, and the beauty of people and scenery will last forever. Renowned Vietnam tour companies can guide you through this dynamic history, providing insights into the flourishing market economy that has propelled the country towards industrialization, modernization, and international integration.