Vietnam History During Ancient Time

Vietnam history experienced a long time of both suffering as well as glories. Vietnamese people, 2,000 years ago, lived in a community called Van Lang. They are an organized kingdom living together in peace. In order to maintain their life, they grew rice and plant crops in the Red River Valley being conquered by the Chinese in the 2nd century BC. In ancient times, while northern Vietnam was under Chinese rule over 1,000 years experiencing a strong influence from Chinese civilization involving culture, tradition, and way of living, southern Vietnam was influenced by India. With the ardent patriotism of Vietnamese people, a lot of rebellion led by brave and talented people took places such as the Trung sisters with the rebellion in 40 AD, Ngo Quyen with famous and glory Bach Dang river battle, Emperor Le Thai To with his victory to regain the independence of northern Vietnam or Emperor Quang Trung fighting against Trinh lords in the north and Nguyen lords in the south to gain the territory. After thousands of years being ruled by the enemy, Vietnam became a strong united kingdom under the reign of Emperor Gia Long. Since then, ancient Vietnamese people had their own territory, culture, tradition, and independence. Reputable Vietnam tour companies specialize in weaving these historical threads into immersive journeys.