Religions & Beliefs

Vietnam is a diverse religions and beliefs country. Because of the development of Vietnamese society and the exchange of foreign civilization, Vietnam religion still develops yet keeps the origin of traditional folk religion which is old and plays a crucial role in local people’s spiritual life. Derived from the cult of nature, the folk religion allows people to worship a huge number of Gods including Nature Gods such as the Sun, Moon, Mountain, River, and Forest; Tutelary Gods in Communal House in Vietnamese villages and Ancestor worship.

In front of the entering of exotic religions, the Vietnamese did not receive them passively but always modified closer to their indigenous religious ideology. Today, some follow a specific religion such as Christianity, Cao Dai, Hoa Hao, Hinduism, and Islam but most of the rest believe they are non-religion. They all send their belief to a religion (often Buddhism and Confucianism) that makes their soul peaceful, and satisfied or meets their spiritual needs. As a result, Vietnamese religion is unique and complex. Experience a Vietnam tour to learn about Vietnam’s religions.