It can be said that Vietnamese cuisine is one of the most unique and diverse cuisines in the world. Many tourists after travelling and tasting a large number of different dishes in Asian countries even voted Vietnamese food is the best and also, it is the reason they decided to return to Vietnam most than other Indochina travel lands. The ingredients in Viet dishes are extremely various due to the favorable climate condition. In particular, no matter how those dishes are cooked, in Viet kitchen there are never lack of the following things:

Travelling anywhere in Vietnam, we can easily encounter a lot of dishes related to rice. This is the basic food of this agricultural country. Vietnamese people eat rice along with other food for every meal in a day and never feel boring because rice has many variations such as Pho, Bun, Xoi, Banh Trang…Rice and main course

Vegetables & Herbs
The reason Vietnamese food is so diverse because of partly the variety of the kinds of vegetables and herbs. Although they are not main ingredient, dishes cannot be perfect without them. Therein, we must mention to spring onions, red onions, basil, lemon grass, coriander, mint, turmeric, black peppers…Vietnamese vegetable and herbs

Fish sauce
Fish sauce is considered as the essence of Vietnamese culinary. It is not only nutritious but also brings a very distinct flavor. Fresh anchovies are chosen to be fermented, then added sea salt and experienced a period of approximately one year or more, after all, tasty fish sauce was “born”.
Besides being an essential ingredient for most traditional dishes of Vietnam which is added to make them have a great flavor, fish sauce is used directly with meat, vegetables and many other food.Vietnamese fish sauce

Vietnamese people prefer to eat chicken, beef, and pork. Besides, you can taste the dishes made of duck, goose with many many way of cooking like grilled, boiled, fried…Vietnamese braised pork