Is Vietnam Safe to Travel? 9 Tips for a Safe Travel to Vietnam

Tips for a Safe Travel to Vietnam

Vietnam is recognized as a friendly and safe country for travel. Generally, your trip will go smoothly and you have no trouble in your vacation. Some people may be worried about the little crime such as pickpocketing or thief, however, the level of these crimes is much lower than that of other countries in the world. In some cases, drivers or street vendors may make tourists feel uncomfortable. Vietnam local tour operator provides helpful travel tips for your travel in Vietnam so that you can be ready to avoid unexpected problems during your visit.

Is Vietnam Safe?

A famous newspaper of the UK, Daily Star also lists out the countries which are considered safe places for tourists, these places without terrorism. Vietnam is listed as one of the safest nations with many landscapes, beaches, foods, and friendly local people.

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Best Advice for Safe Travel to Vietnam

Wherever you travel to in the world, the travel tip is very useful for you to perfect your trips, especially, as you are solo travelers. Below are some tips for you to travel to Vietnam in particular. Try to remember so that you can get a good time during the trip.

Wearing like a Local

Tourists tend to wear a special outfit to get the most virtual photos. However, if possible, you should limit to wear colorful clothing when traveling in Vietnam, because it can make you become so different, then getting people’s attention, which does not exclude those with bad intentions. Accidentally, you can become a victim of hacking or cheating…

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In general, try to know about the fashion culture of locals when you visit Vietnam, then, your style can be friendly to local people.

Keeping Valuable Items Carefully

When you visit a new place, carefulness is an indispensable characteristic. You should not bring along yourself with too many valuable items such as watches, jewelry, and other luxury things when you go out sightseeing. Especially, you must always keep your eyes on your important documents like passport and cash.

Try to Sightsee in the Daytime

You should plan your itinerary reasonably, which should include almost all activities during the day. The night time is usually relaxation time for the next day of your journey. Moreover, in the daytime, you will be safer as the streets are crowded with many people in large cities.

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Avoid the Deserted Areas at Night

In Vietnam, especially in large cities, you can feel the hustle and bustle at nighttime because people usually go out until 10 pm or even more on special occasions. However, you should not go out too late in the deserted areas to avoid unexpected problems.

Learn the Native Language a Little

You should know some words or sentences in Vietnamese to become friendly and easier as traveling to the country because Vietnamese people do not speak English very well. For example, “xin chao” (hello), “cam on” (thank you), “xin loi” (sorry) or “cuu toi” (help me!) and some other short sentences to order and ask the direction.

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Let your Family Know your Travel Plans

Although you are independent as you decide to travel alone, it is good to let your relative know your travel plans. Vietnam is safe, in general, but nothing can be said beforehand. It is an essential cautiousness to provide your family with information about your trip. You can also update your travel through social networks with photos and stories, then, people can know where you are now.

Be Alert & Confident

The bad guys usually put target attacks on people who look embarrassed and scared. Try to be confident by looking straight and being alert with surroundings. Moreover, you should not use your smartphone while wandering to avoid being robbed.

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Be Careful in Communication

During your trip, you will definitely meet different kinds of travelers and local people. You should understand more about Vietnamese culture to be able to behave properly. Do not share personal information with people you just meet on your trip regardless of similarities.

Keep the Emergency Contacts in your Phone

An emergent call may be very necessary in some cases. It is useful for you to save some emergent numbers so that you can get help from the police for example. In Vietnam, there are following the main emergent numbers:

112: Request for assistance, search and rescue on a national scale
113: Call the police who are responsible for public security
114: Call for firefighting
115: Emergency call (in accident case)