The Origin Of Vietnamese People: The Children Of Dragons, The Grandchildren Of Gods

The Origin Of Vietnamese People: The Children Of Dragons, The Grandchildren Of Gods

A very long time ago, a powerful leader of Linh Nam area, Loc Tuc, also named Kinh Duong Vuong having an amazing ability to walk underwater got married to a daughter of Dragon King and gave birth to a son named Sung Lam. The son was as robust and talented as his father. He got another name of Lac Long Quan whilst he took over his father’s succession.

Lac Long Quan went around over areas to kill all harmful strong monsters and demons. In Phong Chau land, he helped people to build a stilt house with wood and to plant rice. People built a magnificent fortress on a high mountain to thank his virtues. But Lac Long Quan was not there, “Whatever you guy have any trouble, call me, I’ll be right back!” he said to people before returning to his underwater palace.

At the time, De Lai King brought his soldiers and his beautiful daughter Au Co down to invading the South. He was impressed by the beauty of the landscape and the diversity of natural resources so that he decided to permanently settle. People here could not bear his occupation so they called toward the East Sea: “Dear Father, why you don’t come back to save us?” In the twinkling of an eye, Lac Long Quan returned.

Listen to people’s stories, he changed into a very handsome young man with hundreds of servants then went straight to the invader’s fortress. De Lai King was not there. Instead of that, an extraordinarily beautiful young girl, surrounded by servants and soldiers – Au Co was. Falling in love with the majesty and distinction of the young man, she asked him to lead her away together. Lac Long Quan brought her to his fortress in the high mountain. The King returned and found his daughter in no place, he sent a wide range of his soldiers to look for her. Lac Long Quan commanded thousands of beasts to stop the invader’s troops. As a result, the King had to withdraw from the beautiful land.

After living with Lac Long Quan for times, Au Co was pregnant and gave birth to a sac of a hundred eggs hatched a hundred sons. These hundred boys grew unusually fast and became handsome, strong, and intelligent men.

Living happily beside his great children, Lac Long Quan always missed the submarine palace. One day he said goodbye to his wife and children, transformed himself into a dragon and towards the East Sea. Au Co and her sons could not fly follow him, they sadly returned again.

Days passed without news and full of sadness for them. Upset by the memory of her loved one, standing on the highest summit, towards the East Sea, Au Co cried out: “Oh Lac Long, why don’t you return home?”

And Lac Long was immediately at their side. Au Co reproached him softly: “I am a native of the high mountains and large grottos. I have brought a hundred boys into the world in order to live with you in perfect conjugal harmony, but this still has not stopped you from leaving us, insensitive to the suffering of your wife and children.”

“I am of the Dragon, you are of the Immortals. We cannot live together. Now I am going to bring 50 of our children to the maritime areas, and you will go with the other fifty to the mountains and forests. We will divide this country between us to run it as best as we can. The people of the highlands and those of the maritime regions will help each other mutually. We will never lose sight of each other.” replied Lac Long Quan.

And they separated.

Thence a hundred boys became the ancestors of Vietnam people and evacuated every place. The eldest son lived in Phong Chau land and was proclaimed King of Van Lang nation as Hung Vuong (King Hung). He divided the country into fifteen provinces, each being the cradle of a tribe. Son of King was named Quan Lang, the daughter was My Nuong. Eighteen Hung Kings succeeded on their throne.

Nowadays, The Viet is proud that they are the Children of the Dragons and the Grandchildren of Gods (Con Rong, chau Tien) rooted from the legend of Lac Long Quan and Au Co. To delve into the heart of this cultural tapestry and explore the fascinating stories that shaped the nation, consider embarking on a journey with a reputable Vietnam travel agency.