Floating villages in Halong Bay

Halong Bay attracts millions of visitors annually for not only spectacular landscape but also the unique values of local culture. Among the best of Halong Bay, floating villages have come across to the top of special tourist attractions in this magnificent land.

For a long time, floating villages in Halong Bay has become significant cultural heritage and a symbol of local people here. These floating villages are places people gather and living together as well as the home to the ancient Viet people with indispensable cultural and historical relics. To them, fishing is the main source of income. At the contemporary time, floating villages are becoming a popular destination for both domestic and overseas tourists.

There is a collection of attractive villages such as Ba Hang, Cua Van, Ba Hang and Cap De. Especially, Cua Van village is the largest one featuring around 130 floating houses which are the home to approximately 600 people. Normally, people live on boats and floating wooden houses to earn a living mainly by fishing and aquaculture. They have a peaceful life with daily routine from early morning selling fish or other products to large boats. People in the village have lived here for several generations. Actually, people here have a desirable life with the feeling of living in the middle of nature and experience the tranquility and calmness.

Come to explore floating villages, you will have a chance to gain a first-hand experience of living a different world surrounded by emerald water as well as limestone towers. It is such a brilliant patchwork of amazing fishing villages rising above the water with local people’s daily activities. Moreover, do not forget to enjoy such scrumptious seafood with awesome flavors that linger in your tongue served by amiable, hospital and friendly villages. Additionally, there are a lot of interesting folksong performance including hat gheo or hat cheo duong.

From the past to the current time, the image of amazing floating village has become a beautiful symbol of inhabitants living in Halong Bay. This unique traditional lifestyle has contributed to the multicolor picture in shaping Vietnamese identity. Thanks to floating villages, the local tourism development is also significantly promoted in order to support the further potential development of Halong Bay in general and floating villages themselves in particular. To ensure a comprehensive exploration of this unique lifestyle and its cultural significance, you might consider enlisting the services of a reputable travel agency in Vietnam.