Con Se Tre Tourist Village

Con Se Tre Tourist Village

Con Se Tre Tourist Village is one of the most wonderful tourist destinations in Nha Trang Bay. With countless amazing things offered by Con Se Tre Tourist Village, it is such an ideal place for those who want to escape the hustling and bustling atmosphere of crowded cities. Therefore, do not hesitate to plan a trip to this lovely land to obtain ultimate experience.

An overview

Belonging to the southern part of Hon Tre Island, which is 3 kilometers away from Nha Trang coast, Con Se Tre Tourist Village represents the tranquil and romantic beauty, which makes its one of the most-visited destination in Nha Trang. A visit to Con Se Tre Tourist Village is almost like a journey to explore the rustic beauty of Vietnam’s countryside with old villages and friendly people living close to nature. Therefore, it is such an appealing tourist spot alluring a great number of visitors.

Con Se Tre Tourist Village highlights

Con Se Tre Tourist Village will welcome you to explore a collection of rustic houses, restaurants, gardens and such things as bridges, tables, chairs and so on. With a trip to this wonderful village, you can sense the peaceful as well as calmness of both the ancient village but also the surrounding environment. By soaking up charming and poetic beauty of Con Se Tre Tourist Village, you will obtain best experience that you cannot have from traveling elsewhere.

All of the things in the village appear clean, simple and rustic. One of the most outstanding things that Con Se Tre Tourist Village is the image of a pair of ancient old large cart wheel that was brought from Tay Ninh and Chau Doc. Also, the attractiveness of the village lies in long-established rustic villages, beautiful beaches with crystal clear water and ideal weather condition. All those things are really promising for a stroll along the beach and capture all the sights, sounds and taste of this lovely land.
Con Se Tre Tourist Village also steals visitors’ heart for its primeval forest coupled with abundant flora system. Moreover, the beauty of pure sea breeze and ripples of waves will help you get rid of anxiety and stress of everyday lives. In order to create unforgettable memories, you are advised to take part in such exciting activities including climbing, fishing, swimming and snorkeling.

One more striking feature that the village represents is the opencast folk oven which was designed with Roman style. As a circle-shaped oven, it contains two stories with 6 sacred torches with different representations. Here, tourists can have a chance to grab delicious meal with baked lobster grilled skewered, grilled squid with chilli and so on. There is nothing quite like indulging in savory and tasty dishes while enjoying exciting sounds of guitar by romantic vocals and immersing in the glistering beauty of lights. All creates a lively picture depicting local’s everyday lives with unique culture and tradition.

There is nothing better than experiencing everything in this lovely village. Spend time in the morning to welcome the wonderful dawn, accompanied with interesting sounds generated by colorful birds. For sure, your time in Con Se Tre Tourist Village would be memorable than ever.

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