Vietnam is a friendly and safe country with full of wonderful landscapes and interesting adventures for foreign travellers. Nevertheless, you should follow a quick list of dos and don’ts advices to have a perfect trouble-free trip in Vietnam as below:


  • Greeting is always welcomed. Say Hello or “Xin chào” and smile to local people. The Vietnamese is very friendly and they can shake your hands to express their hospitable welcome.
  • Show your respect to the old, children, the disabled people and religious believers, especially on bus by offering your seat to them.
  • Dress conservatively. Wear long and body covered clothes when entering the Temple, Pagoda and formal places. It is considered to be rude and disrespectful if you wear shorts, tatty beer t-shirts, tank tops, dresses or skirts. Also, you are not allowed to enter with such clothes.
  • Give or take things by your two hands.
  • Always bring yourself a plenty of bottled water when walking around city, Vietnamese summer is quite hot, but no need a big bottle cause you can buy it every stores in the streets. Bring your favorite drink if you love.
  • Take off your shoes and hat before entering the host’s house.
  • Bring a map of Vietnam or detail map of cities you travel along with hotel’s business card by your side. It avoids going astray and easy to find way come back to your hotel.
  • Leave your value things such as cash, credit cards, airline tickets, hotel keys, mobile phone in a safe place.
  • Carry some tissues or toilet paper in your bag when you go out. It is useful and you never know when you need them.
  • Be careful when going across the road in Vietnam. You should better wait for the red light and walk on the crosswalk or you may use walk bridges.
  • Travel with a reliable tour company that prepares and offers you all things you need in your great trip.


  • Do not get your jewelry, money and bag in an eye-catching and easy-to-crab situation. Robbery and pickpocket is quite popular in crowded places. Carefully put your value things (mobile phone, laptop, Ipad, wallet) in your sight.
  • Do not overly show your feeling to lover in public. Vietnamese still maintains a discreet traditional Eastern culture. Kiss in public is not encouraged.
  • Do not touch someone’s head and point at them by your finger or feet.
  • Do not sit or sleep with sole of your feet in opposite of the altar in the Vietnamese house.
  • Do not take photographs or video cameras in remote villages. You need ask their permission to do that.
  • Do not lose your temper in public or when bargaining because it will seriously make a loss of both side’s face. The Vietnamese has conception of “save face” in social relationship. Keep calm and talk you can solve all.
  • Do not give money to begging children in the ethnic minority village. You can help them by paying for their shoeshine, postcards or souvenirs.
  • Do not give sweets, candies, water bottles, pens to children in the ethnic minority village. You don’t know if it causes dental or health problems to them. Gifts like books, notebooks, school bags or even clothing should be given.