Tips To Travel Village Of Ethnic Minorities

Tips To Travel Village Of Ethnic Minorities

Things you should know to visit village of ethnic minorities

Long-term lifestyle, custom and culture of Vietnam ethnic minorities are always a mystery, attractive allure to travelers. However, each ethnic group has its own culture and taboo. It is recommended to follow the below things which you should consider to have good memories with local people during your tour or trekking in mountainous and highland areas.

On the way to village
Upon enter a village or local house, if you see “green leaves” or “marked piles” hung on the road or in front of the house, you should not enter. Because these are signs that the villagers or house owner do not want any strangers to come in.

Behaviors to nature

  • Do not enter to protected forests and abstained forests.
  • Do not cause unhygienic to water sources.
  • Do not cut down marked trees.
  • Do not take shoots, black mushrooms, honeycomb away if they are marked another’s ownership sign.
  • Do not break growing sprouts.

When enter a local house

  • Do not immediately go straight from a house head into an inside kitchen in a local house. A house of ethnic minority community often has 2 kitchens and only the outside one is used to welcome guests.
  • Do not sit on a basement door (window in guest room).
  • Do not sit on cushions when not invited (this place is usually reserved for superiors and distinguished guests).
  • Do not sit astride (impolite).
  • Do not have your leg pushed firewood.
  • Never baked rice and sticky rice.
  • Do not lie along a ridge beam of a house (only the dead lies like that).
  • Do not sleep under the altar and get up too late.
  • Kiss in public should avoid in the village.
  • Should not give money and sweets to small children.

When dining with local people.

  • Do not sit on a par with the oldest person (if not invited).
  • Do not let your back be in front of the altar.
  • Should not get chicken head, chicken legs and chicken livers before invited.
  • Should not eat together with talk too loud.

Have a good trip with our useful notes!
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