Tips To Learn Vietnamese

Tips To Learn Vietnamese

If you now study, travel, or make your own business in Vietnam for long time, it is very necessary to learn Vietnamese. Viet Vision Travel lists some advices below and hopes that you can quickly become a good speaker.

Learn Vietnamese with an own native teacher
The Vietnamese may be not difficult to read and write because of its Romanized standard script. Letters “a”, “b”, “c” is similar to English language so it is easy to learn and remember Vietnamese Alphabet. However, its pronunciation and combination of letters and words are completely different so you need a native teacher who will first teach you how to spell them and fix if you are wrong immediately. That is aim to help you that you will not end up reinforcing the wrong pronunciation into your mind. On the other hand, the Vietnamese is a tonal language, which makes it become one of the most difficult languages for foreign visitors to learn. A tone of a word determines its meaning. So it is very important to have a good local teacher, and we can sure that this is easy to find because a lot of Vietnamese people also would like to learn English from you. Exchange and support from two sides are always a perfect choice.

Learn Vietnamese at University
If you intend to stay in Vietnam for a long time, you should sign up in a Vietnamese short or long course at a Vietnamese University now. Three universities offering the most quality Vietnamese language course are Hanoi National University of Education, University of Social Sciences and Humanities, University of Languages and International Studies. So their facilities in the other cities do. Besides the advantage of learning vocabulary and grammar, you can be immersed into Vietnamese culture and history. That is a great method to know the Vietnamese in its formation and development.

Learn Vietnamese on streets
A way to learn a foreign language well always is to speak to the natives. Vietnamese people are very open-hearted and friendly so that you can easily make friends in Vietnam streets and parks then talk with them all what you can. Through your conversation, you can recognize and learn more Vietnamese vocabulary, even local dialects; surely you will tout de suite improve your Vietnamese in advance.

Learn Vietnamese through travelling
Vietnamese proverbs say that “Đi một ngày đàng, học một sàng khôn” (Travelling forms a young man). If you eager to both improve your Vietnamese and experience traditional culture and beautiful landscapes, you need prepare a luggage to go around all parts of this amazing country. Travel and meet new local people, listen and talk different dialects of different places. This is absolutely a useful and great adventure.

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