Hang En Cave

Hang En Cave

467 Characterized as the world’s third largest cave, Hang En Cave, Vietnam represents a truly fascinating beauty alluring millions of visitors annually. Come to Hang En and experience as many wonderful things as possible.

Like Son Doong, Hang En Cave also has a reputation for one of the world’s largest caves with stunning beauty. The cave had its appearance in National Geographic, The New York Time, Lonely Planet and Good Morning America.

Hang En Cave is so mesmerizing that no one can resist its stunning sights with exciting and challenging adventures waiting out there to be explored. For those who are looking for the feeling of living in the middle of nature, Hang En will certainly satisfy anyone’s needs and expectations, even most demanding travelers.

Step your foot in the interior of Hang En Cave, you will be surrounded by darkness throughout the cave with its silence. The cave has a length of 1,645 meters with three mouths.  One is halfway up a mountain and the others lie on another mountain. Hang En Cave impresses visitors for its breathtaking beauty with its own scenery, jungle as well as weather. Here, you can have a chance to admire a collection of 300 stunning fossils experiencing over millions of years old.

Actually, Hang En Cave is special in every way and of course, the cave, with no doubt, is particularly ideal for challenging adventures. Trekking to this awesome cave and camping overnight at its entrance are best things to do here. If time is available, do not hesitate to continue your journey to Ban Doong Village where the ethnic minority inhabits. Come and explore primeval jungles, natural rivers and so on.

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