Binh Tay Market

Binh Tay Market

Binh Tay Market, also called Cho Lon (China Town) is one of the most exciting place in Ho Chi Minh City that is worth a visit to have a deeper understanding of local people’ lives as well as the taste of the whole city. Normally, when mentioning best market in Saigon, people often think of Ben Thanh Market – the biggest market of the city. However, do not forget the amazing Binh Tay Market which will offer you ultimate experience.

An overview

Binh Tay Market lies in District 6 between Thap Muoi and Pham Van Khoe Street, which takes you approximately 15 minutes to ride by motorbike from the center of District 1. For a long time, Binh Tay Market has served the function of the major commercial hub of the region where not only local people but also merchants from other regions come to perform exchanging activities.

Binh Tay Market highlights

Binh Tay Market owns its distinct features that cannot be mixed with others; thus shaping the uniqueness of Vietnam’s market. There are countless small and big stalls on the market selling different products. The market is one of the best places to purchase such goods as fresh fruits, vegetables, clothes and fabric products.

Compared to other markets of the region, Binh Tay Market, with no doubt, is the best place for those who are looking for purchasing in bulk rather than single purchase. It is divided into many small sections’ each of which majors in selling one kind of items, which make it easy for buyers to quickly buy things they want with a wide variety of choices. Spend time there and wander around each section to have an insight into the local market to learn about local’s lives and habits.
One of the highlights is that there is a courtyard where you can have a rest after shopping the market. Here, you can catch a glimpse of a big stone plaque and altar that worship a Chinese businessman called Thong Hiep.

One of the best way to sense the full taste of the whole area is to indulge in numerous street food offered by street vendors. You are advised to try banh bao a delicious dishes which was created under the Chinese’s inspiration.

Despite not being the biggest and best market for a purchase, Binh Tay Market is a unique place to witness something unusual than others. And it is such a fascinating place full of interesting things to delve into and is worth a visit. For a hassle-free and secure exploration of Vietnam, reputable tour operator in Vietnam can provide valuable insights into local practices, ensuring a safe and enjoyable travel experience.

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