Ben Thanh Market

Ben Thanh Market

Ben Thanh Market is the biggest and most crowded market in Ho Chi Minh City. Spending a day trip in this Vietnam’s largest city is definitely a great experience for those who are interested in exploring Vietnam’s local market as well as its people daily activities.

An overview

Located in District 1, the downtown of Ho Chi Minh City, Ben Thanh Market truly reflects the taste of the S-shaped Vietnam in general and Ho Chi Minh City in particular.
Ben Thanh Market experienced a long history of establishment and development. Constructed by the French in 1870, the market used to be known as Les Halles Centrales prior to being officially named Ben Thanh in 1912. Exist with the time, Ben Thanh Market today is gaining its ever-increasing popularity to be the most-visited and biggest market of this 300-year-old city, thereby being an iconic symbol of the city.

Ben Thanh Market highlights

There are so many things that you can find here from everyday essential products to clothing or household appliances. Make your way to the market in the morning to indulge in the hustling and bustling atmosphere of the well-known local market where you can experience the taste of the area.
A journey to Ben Thanh Market will become much more enjoyable to immerse in the world of delicious and mouth-watering local specialties. As a popular place serving best Vietnamese food, Ben Thanh Market offer a variety of dishes including Vietnamese pancake, banh cuon, banh beo, Vietnamese noodle soups with beef and chicken and so on. Because most stalls close in the evening, it would be a great idea to pay a visit to sidewalk restaurants located around the market to try scrumptious dishes cooked by talented chefs. You are advised to order deep fried whole fish and some fresh beer for a perfect evening. All food and drink are at affordable prices. Moreover, in order to travel like a local, do not forget to try some Vietnamese coffee to have a deeper understanding of how Saigonese spends their days as well as their daily habits.

It is not exaggerative to claim that Ben Thanh Market is truly the shopping heaven of Ho Chi Minh City. In addition to food and drink, you can have a chance to admire or purchase wonderful local handicrafts including lacquer ware, bamboo products, crafts and so on. Buying it as a souvenir for your families or friends is such an optimal idea. Also, you can find products such as luggage, textiles and electronic goods.

Ben Thanh Market travel tips

The best time to discover Ben Thanh Market is in the morning. At that time, the market is most crowded and busiest, so you can obtain ultimate experience that you cannot have from traveling elsewhere. You can have an opportunity to witness daily exchanging activities of locals and learn interesting shopping culture of Vietnamese people.
Another no less important thing you should remember when purchasing something in Ben Thanh Market is that bargaining is really vital to make wise decision on how to pay without being overcharge. It is very necessary to shop around the market to consult prices and be friendly all the time towards sellers.

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