Son Doong Cave

Son Doong Cave

Vietnam – the land of miracles blessed by Mother Nature with magical natural landscape is the home to a collection of uninterrupted green rice fields, gorgeous beaches, rustic villages as well as majestic caves. For those who are interested in adventurous experience, head to Quang Binh Province and stop at Son Dong Cave – the world’s largest cave to marvel at the very best of Vietnam nature in general and Quang Binh’s caves in particular. For a hassle-free and secure exploration of Vietnam, reputable best Vietnam tour companies can provide valuable insights into local practices, ensuring a safe and enjoyable travel experience.

Son Doong Cave highlights

Found in 1991 by a man called Ho Khanh, it is not until 2009 a team of British cavers belonging to the British Cave Research Association, Son Doong Cave is discovered. Located in the heart of Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park, this wonderful cave spreads over a length of around 9 kilometers. According to BBC News, it is the most beautiful cave in the world. Son Doong Cave impressed visitors not only for its outstanding size but also for its amazing rock formation. Here, visitors can have an opportunity to admire stunning stalagmites and stalactites hanging from the ceiling, which creates an exotic beauty that cannot be found in any other caves. Moreover, it is an ideal place for scientific research as it provides valuable and precious ancient fossils which have existed for millions of years.

Step your foot on the interior of the cave, it is like walking into a totally different world. Son Doong enables you to feel like you are living in a separated space surrounded with its own river, scenery, jungle as well as weather. Son Doong is so marvelous that a 747 could fly through this massive cave. Son Doong Cave will offer visitors a chance to a brilliant patchwork of lush jungles emerging in the interior of the cave surrounded by misty clouds. As it is much like the second world, Son Doong has its own weather system and landscape.

Son Doong Cave travel tips

The most suitable time to explore adventurous Son Doong Cave is between February and August. At that time, the cool and mild atmosphere definitely facilitates your trip with a chance to take adventures like trekking in the cave.

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