Hue Temple of Literature

Hue Temple of Literature

Amongst countless attractive destinations in Hue, the old capital of Vietnam, Hue Temple of Literature is one of the most impressive ones with a long history.

Nestled on the bank of Perfume Pagoda, which is about 1 kilometer away from Linh Mu Pagoda, Hue Temple of Literature is the historical place used to worship Confucius. Constructed in 1908 during the reign of King Gia Long, Hue Temple of Literature still remains its taste despite several restorations.

Hue Temple of Literature highlights

The complex is the home to 50 architectural works more or less and the largest and most-popular one is the worshiping hall of Confucius. The first thing that visitors often lay their eyes on is the main gate of the temple supported with four major marvelous pillars. The gate was highlighted with such meaningful words as ‘Dao Tai Luong Gian’ which means ‘the principles in the world’ and ‘Trac Viet Thien Co’ which means ‘Higher than ever before’.

Continue your discovery by heading to a number of small houses behind the gate. In the past, kings and mandarins used these houses as places to prepare outfits before participating in special occasions or ceremonies. If you are familiar with the Hanoi Temple of Literature, the first and oldest university in Vietnam where talented people of the country was honored, Hue Temple of Literature, with no exception, is the home to 32 steles carving the names of 239 excellent candidates recognized in the National Examinations during Nguyen Dynasty. In spite of suffering from heavy damage in the war fighting against the French, those ancient steles still prove it strong vitality.

A trip to discover Hue Temple of Literature would definitely give you an insight into the unique culture and tradition of Vietnam. For sure, Hue Temple of Literature will survive with the long-lasting time as a place to express respect the country’s most talented people who devoted their lives to the overall development of the country. Also, the place also preserves precious and priceless tradition, culture as well as tradition. For a hassle-free and secure exploration of Vietnam, reputable best Vietnam tour companies can provide valuable insights into local practices, ensuring a safe and enjoyable travel experience.

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