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Discovered and establish by the French from 1922 as a Hill Station. Sapa is one of the top tourist attractions for both Vietnamese and foreigners. The place has the Vietnam’s top tallest peak; the Fasipan is truly the roof of Indochina.
The Sapa town has the spectacular views on the clear days. It overlooks the valley of terraced rice paddies fields, with blue mountains towering above on all sides. Sapa is still a great destination for hiking, trekking or simply relaxing, especially
Sapa is a famous for its cool weather, rice paddies fields and many ethnic minority groups such as: Hmong, Dzao, Zay…who still keep their traditional culture and those local hill-tribe people fill the town with color in the traditional costumes.
Viet Vision offers many sorts of tours in Sapa, Vietnam. Now you have choices to go to Sapa (from Hanoi by bus) or take an overnight train to Lao Cai then take a bus to Sapa.
We can have many activities in Sapa such as: visiting Hill tribe villages, overnight in the local homestay, trekking on the off the beaten track, climbing the Fasipan peak…
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  • Stacey

    Hill tribe ethnic minorities in Sapa?

    I ‘ve seen many hill tribe ethnic minorities in Sapa. Could you name some of them?

    • Nancy

      There are many hill tribes in Sapa such as Black H’mong, Zdao, Thai, Giay, Phu La… But the most popular are Black H’mong and Dzao.

  • Harrison

    Can we book 4 Days Sa Pa Daily Tour?

    • Stephen

      Of course, we have sent you reservation form for tours in Sapa, please fill necessary information in empty blank and send us back via email.

  • Is it cold in Sapa in winter?

    • Nancy

      Yes, winter in Sapa is very cold. Make sure that you have prepared warm coat for your Sapa trips in this time.

  • Silvia

    What are your longest tours in Sapa?

    • Stephen

      The longest Sapa tour is 7 days, you can entirely make customized tours in Sapa to extend more time for your vacation in Sapa.

  • Mian Imran

    Are there any things to buy in Sapa?

    • Stephen

      There are many things for you to buy in Sapa trips such as brocades, local food, Vietnamese medicinal herbs…

  • Tony Babor

    Is 4 Days Sa Pa – Bac Ha Market Tour available?

    • Nancy

      We are available 4 Days Sa Pa – Bac Ha Market Tour included visiting Hanoi – Bac Ha market – Sapa.

  • Rick Pain

    What is the weather in Sapa like in winter?

    • Nancy

      The weather in Sapa is very cold like other regions in northern Vietnam. It is easy to meet the heavy mist that can runs for days and it can reduce your visibility in some places.

  • Olivia

    How many days is enough for a Sapa tour?

    • Angela

      Normal should be 5 days 4 nights (except 2 nights on train to & return) for a nce trip in Sapa.

  • Camille

    05 days can travel in Halong & Sapa tour, can’t it?

    • Angela

      It is possible. You will have 02 days 3nights in Sapa and 2 days in Halong Bay/ Please give me your arrival & departure time to have the good itinerary.

  • Adalicia

    Bus or private car to Sapa?

    I don’t want to sleep overnight on train to Sapa. Can I take a bus or private car to Sapa and how long for this distance?

    • Angela

      In fact, night travel train will help you more comfortable than bus or private car. If you still want to bus/car to Sapa, it takes 8 hours to get there.

  • Adalie

    Do you any French speaking guide in Sapa? I want to hire 1 day for Sapa tour.

    • Angela

      Yes, we have both French & English guide. The price is around 25usd/per day. If you want to have group tour/private tour in Sapa, please give me your email address. We will send immediately.

  • Where can we find the main post office in Lao Cai?

    • Nancy

      You can find the main post office near the river but it is not convenience to get there. Some next to the station or border are a good choice. All are available long distance phone services.

  • Is there any other choice for market in Lao Cai?

    We want to avoid tourist crowds in Bac Ha market?

  • Jason

    What is highest peak of Vietnam?

    • Nancy

      The highest peak in Vietnam is Fansipan which is located in Hoang Lien National Park at 3143 m above sea level.

  • Purple

    Are there any ATMs in Lao Cai?

    • Nancy

      It quite hard to find an ATM over Lao Cai, but there is an ATM of BIDV near the station and an ATM of Argribank near the border.

  • Micheal

    What will you recommend for sightseeing in Sapa?

    • Nancy

      You can catch wonderful views in Muong Hoa valley and Mount Fansipan when visiting Sapa.

  • Juliet

    Is it easy to find a hotel in Lao Cai?

    • Stephen

      There are many options for hotels and accommodations in Lao Cai. You can find a lot of them near the train and bus station as well as near the border.

  • Jessica

    Can we access internet in Lai Cai?

    • Nancy

      Not like big cities and towns, you can only access internet in some tourist sites or in some restaurants or hotels.

  • Whitmeyer

    Is it possible for us to visit Sapa in one day?

    • Nancy

      Actually you can visit Sapa in one day but it quite hard and there is not too much things thing to do and see in one day. We strongly recommend you taking 2 or 3 day for Sapa trip for visiting hill tribes, trekking, cycling as well as enjoy homestay and many other highlights in Sapa.

  • Christian

    New Hanoi – Lao Cai highway?

    We heard that the Hanoi-Lao Cai highway is newly opened in September. Could you tell me how much time have been reduced when traveling by bus in this new route from Hanoi to Sapa?

    • Stephen

      The calculated time is reduced from 7 hours (before) to 3.5 hours if traveling in this high way from Hanoi to Lao Cai province.

  • Polata

    How can I get to Sapa from Hanoi?

    • Stephen

      You can get from Hanoi to Sapa by overnight train or car. However, most visitors choose overnight train because of its safety and comfortableness.

  • Charles Hill

    How many days are sufficient to have a Sapa Tour?

    • Tracey

      It depends on your time you have in Vietnam. You can spend 2 or 3 days to discover Sapa and its colorful markets or spend more days for conquer Fansipan Peak.

  • Jaime

    How can we get around Sapa with small budget?

    • Tracey

      Hire a cycle or motor cycle seems to be the good way to experience Sapa in its best. You should hire motorbike to fully explore the natural beauty here. There are a lot places for hiring motorbike along the way with reasonable prices ranging from 100 000 – 200.000 VND/ day.








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