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Vietnam Tour Biz is providing the most qualified Hanoi tours to the vicinity areas at the most competitive prices. Each carefully designed itinerary for your day tours and short excursions cater to different needs of our valued clients from all over the world all of which ensure the varieties of interests in Ho Chi Minh complex, Temple of Literature, Museums, Hanoi Hilton Prisons , Temples, Pagodas and many Interesting sites in Hanoi…within your budget.

We also offer some unique programs to visit some culture village near by Hanoi on bike to experience the real Vietnam. Furthermore, we also offer many day trips and excursion packages from Hanoi to Halong Bay, Ninh Binh, Sapa…

Viet Vision Travel also offers the best service on Hanoi airport transfers, tours, hotels booking, and tickets for passengers leaving for or arriving from Noi Bai International airport. Please keep in your mind that, we can tailor the tour to meet your time frame & unique needs.



  • Timmothy

    What is the meaning of Pho Co Hanoi?

    • Nancy

      Pho Co that means Old Quarter or Old Street with the product that they traditional sold on (named hang). For example, Hang Bac (silver) is street which also buys silver, gold, jewelry; Hang Duong (sugar) is the street which is famous for selling all kinds of sugars and sweets. Although nowadays, some of streets are no longer buying their traditional products but it still wake up our memory about a culture feature of unique Hanoi that it used to be.

  • “We did the tour in Hanoi in February this year. I and my friend had the great time. Even though we were only two, the price was very good. Impeccable organization. I highly recommend this agency because they know very well the area and also their best offers. Our guide was very sweet and very nice. Thanks to all.”

  • Nicholas

    I would like join Hanoi group tour one day on the next Monday, can you arrange it?

    • Angela

      Of course, you only confirm before the travelling date, we will arrange it well. But please note that Ho Chi Minh masolum & anthology museum will be closed on moday & Friday of week. Your Hanoi group tour on Monday will make up for Bat Trang ceramic village nearby Hanoi old quarter.

  • Is there water puppet show on Hanoi city group tour?

    • Tracey

      There are 02 kinds of Hanoi city group tour: superior tour without water puppet show and deluxe tour with water puppet show.

  • Meifang

    Our group will arrive in Hanoi around 8h00, can I join your Hanoi city group tour?

    • Tracey

      Hi dear, You are not able to join Hanoi city group tour because of your limited time. The Hanoi city group tour will start from 08h Am and finish around 5hPM It takes 01 hour to get out the airport and 40 mins to downtown. So I regret that group tour is not suitable but we can arrange Hanoi city private tour. it is very flexible Please drop me an email to have the details of package.

  • Justus

    I have heard that should book the tours to Hanoi after arrival, should I?

  • Anthony

    Is it worth to have a Cooking class –tour in Hanoi?

    • Angela

      It is not worth as compared with other tours but can be still a good element once visiting Hanoi.

  • Julian

    I have heard that the street food tour in Hanoi is very interesting, isn’t it?

    • Angela

      It is right that the street food tour in Hanoi is real much interesting experience you should try.

  • Other places for Water puppet show besides Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City?

    Are there any places to arrange water puppet show besides Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh? My good wife & I deeply love this but already watched in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh. Please advice

    • Tracey

      Hi there, Trust your couple had the best surprised experience with water puppet show in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh. Vietvisiontravel would like to recommend you extend the trip to Hai Duong or Quang Ninh nearby in Hanoi to enjoy water puppet show outside.

  • Jacky

    Is it safe for us to go out to enjoy Hanoi at night or some drinks?

    • Stephen

      Yes, Hanoi is quite safe at night. But in some case, we always recommend our customers not going out too late as well as bring too much valuable things when go out at night. Make sure that there will be no safe countries in the world if you go out at 3 a.m and get drunk even your country, right?

  • Pavel

    Do we need to carry our visa during the trip in Hanoi?

    • Stephen

      No, you do not need to carry them all the time. It is a good idea to keep it in safety box in the hotels or receptionist. Losing your visa when visit any countries may push you into a big problem.

  • Bettie

    Are any differences of Pho from the north to the south of Vietnam?

    • Stephen

      Pho is one of the most traditional dishes of Vietnam cuisine. Pho in the north is quite different from the south. It is heartier and more subtle in flavor, meat is selected carefully with two options available: chicken or beef.

  • Murphy

    Should we take much cash when visiting around Hanoi?

    • Stephen

      No, although Hanoi is one of the safest cities in the world but there are some hassles may arise when you bring too much cash. It is not too hard to find an ATM in such a big city like Hanoi. So you should bring enough cash for your day trip in Hanoi to avoid some unexpected problem.

  • Corrine

    Where can we buy air ticket in Hanoi?

    • Stephen

      Air tickets can be purchased around the center and online, you can also get air tickets in the airport although the price may be higher.

  • Frank

    How much for taxi from Hoan Kiem Lake to go to train station?

    • Nancy

      It is around 40 000 to get taxi to go there. And it takes you 10 minutes to get train station from Hoan Kiem Lake.

  • Steven

    What is trustful taxi company in Hanoi?

    • Stephen

      Generally, Mai Linh or Hanoi group are the best taxi company in Hanoi. By the way, you can ask the hotel staffs for a taxi call, they always use the trustful taxi for their valued guest.

  • What is the fastest way to get airport in case we are late for flight?

    • Stephen

      You should get the private car from the hotels to get the airport. It is the safest and fastest way, but the price is little expensive.

  • How about traveling in Hanoi by bus?

    • Nancy

      The public bus may be the cheapest way but slowest way to traveling around Hanoi. The price for internal bus tickets in Hanoi is 7000 VND for one.

  • Reesa

    How can we get a map for our trip in Hanoi?

    • Stephen

      There are many kinds of map available in some magazine or book stores. You can ask the receptionist staffs for maps because most hotels in Hanoi have their own maps with the name of hotel on them.

  • Where should I stay in Hanoi?

    • Stephen

      There are a huge number of hotels and accommodations for your stay in Hanoi. But it is recommended if you stay in hotels in the old quarter. It will be convenient to enjoy the special of Hanoi Old Quarter as well as visit other attractions in Hanoi such Hoan Kiem Lake, Literature Temple, Ho Chi Minh Complex, Historical sites…

  • Kitayana

    What about the traffic in Hanoi? I heard that it is terrible, right?

    • Stephen

      The fact is that the traffic in Hanoi is quite chaotic, the density of motorbike is highest among other vehicles such as bikes, cyclos, trucks, vendor carts… It is difficult to pass over the streets it really a challenge, but there are some tips for you to cross the street: looking around you when you cross the streets, try to keep your hands over your head for drivers easy to see, do not run, stand firmly if you cannot move on, moving slowly and gradually the divers automatically find the other ways to avoid you.

  • What should we dress when visiting the pagodas/temples in Hanoi?

    • Laura

      Pagodas and temples are the sacred places with Vietnamese people and when you visit these places, you should dress modestly. Knees and shoulders should be covered.

  • Dan Lee Miller

    We are going to visit Hanoi in September. We really love Vietnam food, any day tour for us?

    • Laura

      Yes, we also provide many tour packages for foodies including sightseeing and food tour. We will take you to visit the colorful streets, markets to enjoy Hanoi street food.

  • Eeva Karhu

    I’ve read a blog that Pho 49 Bat Dan Street is the best. Is it right? I want to try it as soon as I land in Hanoi.

    • Laura

      That’s right. Pho in 49 Bat Dan Street is one of the best in Hanoi. But you shouldn’t go there from 7-8AM to avoid lining up for a wait. Besides Pho Bat Dan, Pho Cham at 63 Yen Ninh, Pho Lo Duc are tasty noodles restaurants you should try.

  • Belinda

    We’re travelling Hanoi for one week. But I’m not sure that credit cards are accepted in shops in Hanoi?

    • Tracey

      Most shops in Hanoi are charged by cash. You can use credit cards in hotels, selected restaurants, department stores, super markets. But credit card is not accepted if you buy goods in local markets, small shops and convenience stores. Ask shopkeeper beforehand to help you.








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