It is very great if you have a chance to experience the Tet – the most biggest and important holiday in Vietnam. Also because of that, the Vietnamese highly cares customs and taboos in these days to get more wishes of luck, happiness and prosperity in the New Year. Though you are newbie or oldie, you absolutely should know some things the Vietnamese people do and do not in their Tet when you are invited to their home or travel Vietnam in this time.

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What should do in Tet Holiday in Vietnam?

Pay all the debts before Tet

The Vietnamese people believe that it is bad luck if still keeping the debts and borrowed things of the old year. Also, it means they can be stuck in debts in the New Year as they did in old year. Thus, they should pay all debts before Tet.

Clean and decorate house

On the few last days of the old year, the Vietnamese will clean their houses, gardens and altars. They also decorate their house with peach trees, balloons, couplets. People in the South of Vietnam often store their brooms because they think that their asset will be stolen if their brooms are lost in Tet.

Shopping new clothes

The conception of getting more luck in the New Year, the Vietnamese often buy and wear new, bright colorful clothes in the New Year. Red, yellow, blue are color symbolizing good luck and prosperity. On the other hand, traditional costumes like colorful áo dài and áo gấm overwhelming in all Vietnamese streets.

Lucky money – “Lì xì”

A special custom of the Vietnamese is to give “lì xì” in the first day of Tet holiday. Adults will prepare some lucky money to give children and kids who visit their home. This is considered as a symbol of luck for the next New Year. Besides, the adults say best wishes together, which expresses their expectation of taking and giving luck, prosperity and happiness to all their family and neighbors.

Take and give presents

Giving gifts in Tet festival is also a traditional custom Vietnam. Gifts are often cookie boxes, fruits, wines, tea, coffee or other drinks. This is to connect and enhance the relationship of neighbors and business partners.

What should Not Do in Tet Holiday in Vietnam?

Say bad words

The Vietnamese people do not say bad things during Tet holiday. They also avoid debating to others. When there are any conflicts, keep calm, a happy mind and solve it peacefully.

Sweep house

Sweep house in Tet holiday is considered to sweep all luck and money out of their house. When visiting to the Vietnamese house in Tet, you should avoid throwing trashes onto the floor.

Wear black or white clothes

Black and white are mainly used in Vietnamese funeral, thus it is an unlucky sign if you wear these color clothes in Tet holiday.

Ask for fire or water

Many hosts do not like those who ask fire and water when coming to their house in the New Year because they believe that fire and water symbolize for a blessing. Keep it in your mind to have joyful Tet in Vietnam.