Health & Hygiene

Today because of the rapid economic development, the higher living standard and the population explosion, Vietnam Health and Hygiene are focused on improving with excellent professional doctors, innovation, up-to-date medical technologies and a wide range of public or private hospitals and clinics.
While visit Vietnam, we encourage you to check at home with your own doctors to be advised of the dos and don’ts and prepared a small medicine box in your package. Hang up a free call to number 115 for an ambulance in case of accidents and emergency injured situations. Get first aid in the rural clinics, or the nearest clinics you can find out to timely treated.
While travel with Vietnam Local Tour Operator, we figure out to little details of precautions to bring you a safe and healthy environment including restaurants, hotels, visiting places, entertainment activities and immediate permanent supports. Below is some useful medical information you need to know when traveling in Vietnam.