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Our Hue tours, day trips and excursions take you to discover the Former Capital of Vietnam, Hue, which is considered the most culture city of Vietnam.See the best of Hue, touch the amazing Vietnamese history and taste delicious local food through our Hue’s tours (Hue’s food is one of the best foods in Vietnam in term of tasting as well as decoration). Alternatively, you can explore Hue City to visit the Citadel, Royal Tombs, enjoy the dragon boat trip on the Perfume River…

From Hue, you can also visit many places nearby by taking our day trips or excursions to: the form DMZ, Vinh Moc tunnel, Thanh Toan bridge…

Viet Vision Travel has over 8 years’ experience in customizing Hue tours. If you cannot find any trip suitable for you. Please contact us for a tailor-made program for Hue tours.



  • When is the best time for festival in Hue?

    • Nancy

      Hue is a city of festivals. There are some popular festivals occur in seventh month of lunar calendar such as Duong No ceremony, Vietnamese all soul’s day and Hon Chen temple festival. Moreover, each two year, there is a 2 week special festival in June.

  • Francis

    Tours in Hue city?

    I want to enquire into war in Vietnam and combine with traveling Hue City. Can you suggest me Hue tour, which is suitable?

    • Nancy

      Absolutely, you can combine to travel Hue 2 or 3 days tour and spend 1 day to visit DMZ in Quang Tri province.

  • Cooking class in Hue?

    The Hue cuisine is very great, all of dishes look nice and delicious. Can you arrange cooking class in Hue like Hoi An city and Hanoi City?

    • Stephen

      As Hanoi and Hoi An, Hue have an unique cuisine with many special food. You can attend cooking class in some tour programs in Hue for preparing foodstuff and learning how to cook.

  • Do I need to prepare foodstuff before joining cooking class in some Hue tours?

    • Nancy

      No, you don’t. After joining cooking class, the teacher will tell you how to buy foodstuff in local markets and you will be able to practice immediately.

  • Sophie

    Explore Bach Ma National Park with 2 boys?

    Is Bach Ma National Park tour suitable for my family with two children, 7 years old and 10 years old?

    • Nancy

      If your children have enough energy to explore Bach Ma Park, this tour is suitable to experience. Because, our tour guide have many experiences and will take care your children.

  • What is the best vehicle to travel around Hue city?

    • Stephen

      Cyclos is the best recommendation for Hue tours. You will see real life of local people as well as many amazing landscapes of Hue city. But please make the deals before take one of them.

  • Store to sew Ao Dai in Hue?

    Could I sew Ao dai Hue with my measure on day, because I will stay in Hue only 1 day? Please give me some stores for this.

    • Nancy

      Absolutely, the Hue’s tailor can sew beautiful Ao dai on day, you will have nice clothes with your measure. Near Hue ancient citadel, you may find many stores for your needs.

  • Moujan

    Could you suggest me some good shop to by souvenirs, when I’m traveling in Hue?

    • Stephen

      You can find out them in Hung Vuong Street, Tran Hung Dao Street or Nguyen Trai Street … and some markets such as Dong Ba market.

  • How can I learn Hue’s cuisine? All dishes look so delicious.

    • Nancy

      If you like to interact and learn Hue’s cuisine, you can attend cooking class in Hue tour packages. You will be able to learn how to prepare foodstuff and how to cook meal.

  • Robbie

    Are all tombs in Hue City is the same architecture? How I can distinguish them?

    • Nancy

      No, there are many tombs in Hue, and each tomb represents for each King and his reign. As the result, they were built with different styles and locations.

  • The name of bridge in Hue city?

    I read some Vietnam’s book, they write “Trang Tien Bridge” another is “Truong Tien”. I wonder what is right name of the bridge in Hue City. Can you help me?

    • Nancy

      People can call the bridge with two names. So, both are right and you also call it by two ways.

  • Nancy

    Is there anything special for traveling around near Perfumer River, Hue?

    • Jill L

      Perfumer River has many beautiful landscapes along two sides such as Thien Mu pagoda and tombs of King. Moreover, the Perfumer River is also famous for dreamy beauty of Hue City.

  • What is the meaning of Huong River or Perfumer River in Hue?

    • Nancy

      Perfumer River is the most beautiful River in Hue. In the autumn, flowers from orchards upriver from Hue fall into the water, giving the river a perfume-like aroma, hence the soubriquet. As the result, people call Perfumer River.

  • Sushil Bali

    Retaurant for Hue vacation?

    My friend used to travel Hue City last year and she said that she liked all food in Hue, but she could not remember where she ate. Could you give me some recommend about some restaurants in Hue?

    • Nancy

      Hue City is a famous place for Vietnam cuisine, you have opportunity to become the King or Queen when you enjoy food in some restaurants in Hue. Thien Thanh restaurants, Thanh Binh restaurants or Co Do restaurant are some good places for dinning in Hue.

  • Carise

    Recommendation for food in Hue?

    I know that Hue City is famous for food and special dish. Could you tell me some specialties in Hue?

    • Nancy

      There are some dishes you should not miss in Hue such as Bun Bo Hue, Com Hen, Nem Lui, Banh Beo, Banh Khoai…

  • Fran Baldridge

    Could you tell me what is the best time to visit Hue?

    • Stephen

      The best time to visit Hue is the time from February to April. The weather is cooler than in summer and it is hard to meet rain during these months.

  • Mitha

    How far is it from Hue to Bach Ma National Park?

    • Stephen

      It is 30 km along highway No.1 from Hue to Bach Ma National Park. It takes about 1 hour from Hue to the park.

  • Laurentia

    How many days will be sufficient for Hue city tour?

    • Nancy

      Generally, one or two days are the best time for most highlights in Hue City. However, Hue is a nice place to travel around, you can also spend more time by making customized tours for more time in Hue.

  • Goutham Rajan

    Can you pick up us at the hotel for the city tour?

  • Julie

    What is the weather in Hue on October?

    • Nancy

      In October and November, It is rain season in Hue. You will meet a light rain, however it is not affect to Hue tours.

  • Billy

    Flying from Hanoi to Hue or overnight train? Which is better?

    • Stephen

      Flying from Hanoi to Hue takes less time than overnight train and overnight train is cheaper. If you can afford, flying is highly recommended. However, travelling by train will be an interesting experience.

  • Kathryn

    Royal restaurants in Hue?

    Could you suggest me some royal restaurant in Hue city, where I try royal food as Vietnam’s King and Queen?

    • Nancy

      There are some restaurants such as Tinh Gian Vien Restaurant, Hue Co, Ngu Uyen, Khong Gian Xua…

  • Linda

    What is the best way for 2 adults to get the city center from to from Hue? Bus or taxi?

    • Laura

      The airport taxi is the best way because you can carry more luggage and more comfortable seat. The price depends on taxi company you choose (about 13,000-15,000VND/km). You should negotiate drivers for better price. In case you get Hue tour packages, a hotel’s private car will welcome you at airport.

  • CraigSmith

    My girlfriend is too sick to eat out, so I’d like to bring food back. Does anyone know any Hue’s restaurants that serve take-away food? Any suggests for food for her?

    • Stephen

      Most restaurants or even street food stalls in Hue provide take-away food and take-away containers, so you can easy to buy food here. Rice soup is recommended for you because it’s easy to digest and contain many nutrients.








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