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Angela Nhung Nguyen Our Travel Advisor

Angela Nhung Nguyen – Our Travel Advisor

Traveling as a family is important to family bonding, and will create memories that will live with you for very long. As a mother and travel advisor, I am happy to share my ideas and experience to make your Vietnam family holiday fun and engrossing.” – Angela Nhung Nguyen.

Vietnam is a great place for a family tour, and our private family holiday offer an easy and flexible pace which is suitable for every family member. Our Vietnam family tour programs are specially designed with a mixed structure and free time. We want to make sure that all family members can join in & we focus on families having quality time together in Vietnam.
We always try our best to find a blend of: adventure, relaxation, comfort, interest and fun. Our family trips not only offer you  to see all the main attractions of Vietnam, but also give you chances for family member take part in some activities such as: cooking activity, a cycling through the countryside, a kayaking in the beautiful Halong Bay depicted, become the farmers in Hoi An, home cook dinners at a Vietnamese family ..and many more activities that engage all the family members together.
If you do not find any suitable trips your family in Vietnam in our tour list, please contact us for Vietnam customize trip to meet your family’s needs.
  • Visit Cu Chi Tunnels

    Vietnam Family Travel With Kids – 15 Days

    This trip is special designed for family travel with kid(s). It starts from Saigon – Ho Chi Minh City then going through many highlights of Vietnam including: Nha Trang, Da Nang, Hoi An, Hanoi and Halong Bay then finish in Hanoi…

    Find out more
  • Family visiting Literature Temple

    Vietnam Family Adventure Tour – 15 Days

    Within 15 days along Vietnam, your family will be experience the sheer excitement of Vietnam. Mixing with the friendly Vietnamese people as well as explore the fascination of the country’s culture and nature…

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  • Boat trip to Tam Coc

    North Vietnam Family Tour – 5 Days

    Within 5 days 4 nights trip, you will be fascinating from charming colonial city of Hanoi to imposing landscape of kart stone mountains in Tam Coc, Hoa Lu ancient capital of Vietnam and Natural World Heritage Site of Halong Bay…

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  • Toursits visiting Reunification Palace, Ho Chi Minh City

    Southern Vietnam Family Tour – 5 Days

    Experience the major highlights of the South of Vietnam: from the tunnel of Cu Chi, the Cao Dai temple and the Mekong delta, in this five day tour you will have chance to explore the history as well as the culture of the southern part of Vietnam…

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  • Family visiting local market in Hoi An

    Center Vietnam Family Tour – 5 Days

    This family trip concentrates on Vietnam’s diverse and fascinating cultural heritage and food. From Da Nang you make your way to Hoi An via the Marble Mountains. The picturesque town of Hoi An…

    Find out more


  • I have browsed around at your website Vietnam-tour.biz and found some family tours that I am interested to take my parents with me for vacation. I have few questions. Are these tours suitable for elder people, my father is around 85 and my mother is 70+, they both are mobile, not on wheel chair or walking stick. Do you have Cantonese speaking tour guide?

    • Laura

      This is classic tour so it is suitable for elder people as the age of your parents. About the Cantonese speaking guide, we have Cantonese speaking guide for the tour in Ho Chi Minh city but in Hanoi just have Chinese speaking guide.

  • Sander

    Is it better with “Vietnam family northern tour” or “Vietnam family southern tour”?

  • Cindy

    Is cooking class suitable for included in “Family tour” in Vietnam?

  • Shawn

    What is your price for “Northern family classic tour 5 days”?

    • Tracey

      The price of Northern family classic tour 5 days is different due to number of person in your family.

  • Vivian

    Do you have any Vietnam family trip by joining a group about 12-days?

  • How many days is the best for a “Family classic tour” to Vietnam?

    • Stephen

      It is around 14-15 days is best suitable for Vietnam family classic tour from north to south or vice versa.

  • Sandy

    What is the position of Uncle and Aunt in Vietnam family?

    • Stephen

      Uncles and Aunts (bac, chu, co, thim). Like other Asian languages, Vietnamese has several terms for aunts and uncles. Bac is used to call the elder brothers and sisters of one’s father (an elder uncles wife is Bac Gai). The father’s younger brother is called Chu, and younger sisters are Co or Thim. The mothers sisters are traditionally called Di, and brothers Cau, although in modern usage Bac, Chu, Co are commonly used for both sides of the family. Common sayings: Chu cung nhu Cha (an uncle should be considered as one’s own father). Say Cha con Chu, say me bu Di (if the father is dead, there is still the uncle; if the mother is dead, and the aunt’s breast can still nurse).

  • Is Vietnam Family tour possible with trekking & adventure activities?

    • Stephen

      Yes, entire available & possible with different trekking & adventure excursions in Family tour here.

  • Claire

    Is it good if spending some nights in Family Tour in Vietnam at Vinpearl Land resort?

    • Stephen

      Yes, it is as Vinpearl Land Resort has nice beach with lots of attractive games for children enjoy.

  • Jonathan

    What is best weather for a Family trip through south to north of Vietnam?

  • Eileen Cooper

    Is it possible to include Siem Reap tour in Vietnam Family trip around 14 days?

  • Daniela

    How many days that you suggest for a Family tour to Vietnam?

    • Angela

      We suggest a best Family tour is around 15 –days through Vietnam country’s highlights.

  • Is it the best time for family trip in January in 2015? What the weather like in Vietnam in January 2015?

    • Stephen

      Generally, there is no best time to visit Vietnam because of different weather from north to south. But January is considered to be the best time for your trip. In January, the weather is quite cool in northern Vietnam (cold in some mountainous regions such as Sapa, Mai Chau…), it is dry and little rain. January is dry season time in central regions and southern Vietnam and it is also pleasant time for traveling in central Vietnam as well as the south.

  • What is the best package for family travel in Vietnam for 15 days? Our family plan to visit Vietnam in December.

    • Laura

      15 Days Vietnam Family Travel With Kids and 15 Days Vietnam Family Adventure Tour is recommended. We also prefer customize tours if you have any requirements about day extension or itinerary.

  • Cindy

    How about the price for children in family packages?

    • Tracey

      In Vietnam family packages we free for children under 2 years old, half of charger for the children from 2 to 5 years old, three-quarter for children from 5 to 12 and full of charge for over 12 years old children.

  • Paige

    Are there any activities on Halong Bay for family trip?

    • Stephen

      There are many activities you and your family can do in Halong Bay such as swimming, kayaking, see-sighting… and many others. Please let us know if you want to customize tours for your family trip in Vietnam.

  • Is it safe if we leave my children in room and go out for a while?

    • Stephen

      If your children are too small, you need leave at least one people to take care them. If your children are above 12, it will be fine.

  • Beth Lugo

    Can we take private boat trip in Halong Bay if we take family tours with you?

    • Stephen

      Yes, you can see Halong Bay boat trip is included in 5 Days North Vietnam Family Tour with us. You can also customize tours to extend more time or change itinerary for your trip in Vietnam.

  • Phoebe

    Which tours will you recommend if we just have 5 days trip for family in Vietnam? We really like Vietnam beaches, are there any family tours which we can see the beach?

    • Laura

      It depends. Most of our family tours are included beach in itinerary. We recommend 5 Days Center Vietnam Family Tour.

  • We choose Ha Long Bay for our family holiday. But I don’t know that what is the best time to travel Ha Long Bay?

    • Tracey

      Summer (June and July) is high travel season of Ha Long Bay, so the number of tourists to Ha Long significantly increases, some visitors will feel discomfort and service prices are often higher than usual. Therefore you shouldn’t come there in those months. You should travel Ha Long Bay in two following periods: March-May and August-October.
      If you are required to travel Halong in June or July because of some personal reasons, you should hire the travel agencies, and they will help you minimize these weak points.

  • Keith Spallding

    Will you discount for us if we a big family group?

    • Laura

      Yes, the cost for tours will be smaller if you are traveling as a big group above five people.

  • Ankur

    Hello, I and my family will arrive in Ho Chi Minh City next month and would like to spend 5 days in Vietnam, then visit Cambodia and Thailand, too. Can you arrange it for us?

    • Laura

      Yes. The idea of visiting the Indochina sounds great and we have a range of options for your family trip. We have dropped you an email, please check your inbox.

  • We love the beaches and are planning to visit Vietnam in November, when is the best time to visit your beautiful beaches?

    • Laura

      Vacationing on the beach is for summer, but the most beautiful beaches are located in the Central and South of Vietnam and you can enjoy the beaches for every season.

  • Andrius

    In fifteen-day Vietnam family tour with kids, what will we do in the first day?

    • Laura

      In the first day, we will welcome you on arrival in Ho Chi Minh City, and then you’ll be transferred to hotel. In the evening, you will enjoy your meal in Saigon River Cruise.

  • Stanley

    I am planning to travel Vietnam with my family including my husband, 2 kids (4-year-old boy and 8-year-old girl) for a half month. Are there any family tours for us?

    • Stephen

      We have some choices for you. We provide 2 family tours within a half of a month: Vietnam Family Travel with Kids and Vietnam Family Adventure Tour. However, your trip includes your kids, so I recommend you to choose Vietnam Family Travel with Kids. In this tour, you and your children have a chance to learn about culture, go sightseeing, and experience daily life of local by one night in the home stay.

  • Kowtim

    What is the price for children in Vietnam family tour with kids?

    • Tracey

      The price depends on your children’s ages. We apply free of charge for tour and 50% air fare charge for children under 2 years old. With children from 2 to 5 years old, you pay 50% charge for tour & 75% airfare charge. 75% charge for tour & airfare is applied for children from 5 to 12 years old. 100% charge as adult is required for above 12-year-old children.

  • I really like cooking Vietnam’s dishes, so I would like to find a family tour included cooking class. Any recommendation for me?

    • Stephen

      It is great chance for you to join Vietnam family tour with kids because you enjoy a special cooking class in Hoi An. Friendly local people will introduce you some local vegetables and herbal, and then make the village speciality named “Tam Huu” spring rolls, Xeo Cake ( Banh Xeo).

  • Should my family travel to Vietnam in December?

    • Laura

      There is almost no right or wrong time to visit Vietnam. You can discover the beauty as well as the culture of this country whole year. December is one of the best months for family travel in Vietnam. Highly recommended it!

  • Naomi

    Is homestay included in family tour?

    • Angela

      This Vietnam family tour is especially designed for parents with kids. This tour also offers you one-night homestay to help you know more about the culture of this religion.

  • Maxim

    Is there anything worth visiting in central Vietnam?

    • Tracey

      The central part of Vietnam is home to many well-known tourist spots; from white sandy beaches of Nha Trang to the poetic beauty of Hue, ancient town of Hoi An… Central Vietnam is a nice place to have a family vacation.

  • Will our kids be allowed to enter Cu Chi Tunnel?

  • Stephen

    Will our family be able to stay in local family while visiting Mekong delta?

    • Tracey

      This tour is specially designed for families, so you can of course enjoy our homestay service in Mekong Delta.








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