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Vietnam biking tours are what are real passionate about. We have many options for both professional and none-professional bike riders. We offers both, Easy cycling tour in Vietnam and Vietnam adventure biking.
For easy Vietnam biking tours, we mainly focus in little known places in Vietnam to ride bicycle on the country lane any back roads. You will see Vietnam as Vietnamese see it, chat with local, and understand deeply about the regions we pass and the real Vietnam. This type of trip does not need to much physical require and any one could do it.
Our Vietnam biking adventure are the collections of trip special designed to have some physical challenge and sightseeing. Our trip always combines the most beautiful sites. We balance well between biking and sightseeing as well as relaxing. At some places you will have some physical challenge when in others places are pleasant ridings, day by day, we could bike about 30 km to at most 80 km, during that times, we will visit the highlights on our way, interact with local and understand more about the areas pass. Our professional tour guide or tour leader going with the group and can keep well with the pace of the trip. They all had first aid trainings and very experience in biking tours. For your trips, we also have support vehicles (van or bus) and truck (for the large group) with tubes, spare bikes, fixing tools and reasonable amount of drinking water, fruits, and snacks… for your needs.
If you do not find any suitable biking trip for your needs, please contact us for you customize Vietnam tours.



  • How long should we bike a day?

    • Tracey

      The distance from 30 km to 80km is a good option for a day of cycling trip in Vietnam. Depend on your status of health that we can organize the best itinerary as well as distance for your trip.

  • Marty

    Is it possible for us to make biking trip in Vietnam if we are in 50s, not really fit?

    • Laura

      Absolutely, you can. We always arrange the tours which are fit with our customer’s body and health. The distance and the roads are calculated to be easiest for you to cycle. And our tour guides also support you during the time of biking trip.

  • Scott

    Do you offer water during biking tours?

  • Kathy

    Do you have fast food or snacks for the breaks?

    • Laura

      Yes, we support fast food, snack and fresh fruit during cycling adventure. It is one of importance element to refresh you energy.

  • Is it safe to do the cycling tour in Vietnam? I heard that you have millions of motorbikes throughout the country.

    • Jeanny

      Yes, motorbikes are the most popular means of transportation in Vietnam, however, please do not worry about this since all of your Vietnam cycling tours are designed in the back roads and village roads, away from the busy traffic. If any part of the cycling days are in busy roads and we have no other choices, we will advise our clients to take the support vehicle instead.

  • Neil Keller

    Do you have any longer Vietnam cycling tours, something like 14 or 15 days cycling in the North and Central Vietnam? I can’t find it in your website.

    • Jeanny

      Yes, we do have. Actually, most of our tours are customized based on our client’s requirement so no problem for us to design a longer Vietnam cycling tour to meet your request. Just let us know your intended travel date and number of participants in your group, we will then get back with detailed itinerary and cost within 24 hours.

  • Renee

    Do we have a support vehicle in our Vietnam Cycling tour?

    • Jeanny

      Yes, you do. Actually, our support vehicle will always in front of or in the back of the group. This is not only for safety reason in case of emergency but also in some parts of the tour, if you feel tired, you’re welcome to take the vehicle instead. Have fun!

  • Nelson

    Should we bring some candy or picture books to give children at remote area in our Vietnam Cycling Tour?

    • Stephen

      Thank you! How thoughtful you’re! Yes, you’re more than welcome to bring biscuit, candy, picture books or so to the children in the remote areas. We always encourage our clients to bring gifts to the children instead of giving them money. We will have several stops at minority groups in your Vietnam Cycling Tour so this gift will bring joy to the children, for sure.

  • Michelle Reynolds

    What kind of bike you use for your Vietnam Cycling Tour?

    • Laura

      For Vietnam Cycling Tour, we use high quality mountain bikes like Trek bike or GIT Avalanche bike. Please feel free to ask your tour designer what kind of bike use for your tour; he/she will advise you the details.

  • Danielle

    Do you think winter is the great time for biking trips in northern Vietnam?

    • Tracey

      In general, the winter in northern Vietnam is quite cold. It is very nice weather for physical activities especially cycling.

  • What will you recommend us for 15 days tours in Vietnam? Should we take Vietnam biking tours instead of normal tours? We are really love adventure trips in Vietnam.

    • Tracey

      If you are people who love traveling as adventurers, you should take biking tours in Vietnam. It is entire possible to visit all highlights in Vietnam with 15 days as normal tours. We recommend you 15 Days Discover Vietnam by Bike tour with long itinerary for you visit most highlights in Vietnam during 15 days trip.

  • Andrias

    What is longest itinerary for your cycling tour packages in Vietnam?

    • Laura

      The longest tours for biking trip in our tour program is 23 days including Hanoi – Sa Pa – Fansipan – Halong – Hue – Hoi An – Kon Tum – Pleiku – Buon Me Thuot – Dalat – Mui Ne – Ho Chi Minh – Cu Chi. If you want to extend more tome for your biking trip or change some destinations in biking itinerary, you can also make customized tours for your trip in Vietnam.

  • Marcela

    Is cycling tour in Vietnam worth? Should I go from North to South by bike?

    • Stephen

      A great way to visit Vietnam is to cycle. The roads are not the best in the world, though it is theoretically possible to cycle the length of Highway One, from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City. It’s probably better to cycle in the countryside around Hue or Hoi An and away from the big cities with their traffic jams. We have many tours for cycling in Vietnam to offer you. A 12 day trip starts in Hanoi and ends in Ho Chi Minh City could be one of the good option.

  • Wayne

    I have 2 boy one 15 year old and one 17 year old. Could they have a biking tour with us? Are they too small to bike around Vietnam?

    • Stephen

      Yes, they can join biking trips with you. Vietnam terrain is not too hard to bike around.

  • Cowny

    We really love northern Vietnam especially Sapa, could we do a long biking trip in Sapa? Around 5 days.

    • Stephen

      Of course, we have dropped you some biking tours in and around Sapa you may like, please check and let us know if you need more help.

  • Peter

    We are looking for a biking tour in Vietnam for 5 days. Any recommendation?

    • Laura

      Here are some recommendations for your 5 days biking trips in Vietnam: 5 Days North East Vietnam Soft Cycling, 5 Days Explore the spirit of Mekong Delta on wheels tour, 5 Days Sa Pa Biking Tour. We have dropped you more information about other biking tours in Vietnam, please check.

  • Is it possible to have 2 days biking tours with you tour company? We just have 2 or 3 days for biking because of short time in Vietnam, please help.

    • Laura

      Yes, you can. There are many things to do and see with 2 or 3 days biking tours. 2 Days Softly Cycling Mekong Delta Tour With Home-Stay, 3 Days Discover Mekong Delta by Bike, 2 Days Cycling Tam Coc & Cuc Phuong National Park, 3 Days Dong Trieu Home Stay – Soft Cycling & Ha Long Kayaking. Please check and let us know if you are interested in them.

  • Larry

    We are traveling as family with two boys, we will visit Vietnam on next month. But we just have ten days in Vietnam. We want to spend 3 day for biking or other outdoor activities in northern Vietnam after arrive in Hanoi. Could you help us find a tour in or around northern Vietnam?

    • Laura

      There are many choices for your trip in Vietnam. We recommend tour 3 Days Dong Trieu Home Stay – Soft Cycling & Ha Long Kayaking. This trip with many activities and joys, your boys may like it. Please check your email, we have sent you more optional choices for your tours in Vietnam.

  • Daniel

    Hi there, we are from Australia. We love biking around over countries in the world. We will arrive in Vietnam on November. Could you help us a challenge biking tour in Vietnam?

    • Stephen

      Of course, we are pleased to help you. There are many biking tours in a specific region or over all of the country. Do you have much time in Vietnam? If you much time in Vietnam you can try 23 Days Vietnam challenge tour. We have sent you more information about biking tours in Vietnam for your choice, please let us know if we can help you.

  • Tiffany

    We will visit Vietnam in late September, and we like to spend 2 weeks for biking over Vietnam. Could we have biking tours with your company?

    • Stephen

      You can spend 2 week for a specific regions or all over the country. Have a look at our tours 15 Days Discover Vietnam by Bike tour, 15 Days Cycling & Trekking in the North of Vietnam Tour, 12 Days Adventure North West loop by bike tour… We have dropped you more information about biking tours in Vietnam, please check your email.








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