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Halong Bay is the most popular tourist site in Vietnam; it was proudly recognized as the 8th Wonder of the World as well as a UNESCO’s World Heritage Site. It has majestic scenery, thousand of lime stone islands and islets majestically thrust out from emerald waters. Halong Bay’s waters are perfect for cruising at leisure through breathtaking scenery – mangrove forests, lagoons, white-sand beaches, magical caves and grottos make Halong Bay a truly must see destination in Vietnam. This is the most remarkable site of the natural beauty of Vietnam that you should not be missed for your trip.

We provides best price for both Halong Bay tours and Halong Bay cruises. The Halong Bay tour serial has many tours for you to choose from Halong Bay day tours from Hanoi, Halong Bay tour with Cat Ba Island or special Halong Bay by helicopter trip to see Halong with the bird eyes views.

Take a cruise is the best way to experience the natural beauty of Halong Bay. You will engage with many outdoor activities such as swimming, kayaking, exploring the caves or visiting nearby island like Cat Ba.
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Hereunder are the tours to Halong Bay and Cat Ba island. Click here for Halong Bay Cruises options.

  • Ha Long Bay & Cat Ba Island Tour – 3 Days

    Ha Long Bay & Cat Ba Island Tour – 3 Days

    Within 3 day trip, this trip will allow us to experience in different feeling and activities such as: relax, sightseeing great landscape, swimming and kayaking to explore lagoon on crystal water…

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  • Ha Long Bay & Cat Ba Island Tour – 2 Days

    Ha Long Bay & Cat Ba Island Tour – 2 Days

    This two day trip allows us to visits both Halong Bay and Cat Ba Island. It starts from Hanoi; we go to Halong Bay, explore this World Heritage site and then going to Cat Ba Island by Boat Cruise…

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  • Halong Bay Tour – 1 Day

    Halong Bay Tour – 1 Day

    This tour provides us to explore the magnificent Halong Bay within only one day from Hanoi. Here you can relax on the tanning deck, swim in the clear waters and enjoy 4 hour cruising in the bay and visit one of the most beautiful caves…

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  • Halong Bay Tour by Helicopter – 1 Day

    Halong Bay Tour by Helicopter – 1 Day

    Halong Bay, Vietnam is one of World’s Natural Wonders and is one of the top tourist attractions in Vietnam. The literal meaning of “Halong” is “Bay of Descending Dragons”. A local legend says that a family of dragons…

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  • Julian

    “One of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen. A true wonder. I always dreamed to navigate between these islets and finally succeeded. We opted for two days with an overnight stay on the boat. Two days were magical. We met and made friends with other couples from different parts of the world. The tour operator Viet Vision Travel, with the excellent staff made us feel at ease.”

  • Mr.Carleton

    “Ha Long Bay is definitely full of charm. The place is characterized by a fantastic peace and although there are many tourist boats that carry their tour, what we feel is the absolute peace. You have to visit the floating villages of the natives and caves!!! Highly recommend the experience.”

  • Hotel in Halong Bay with bay view?

    I would like to have an offer for a stay of a family of 5 (2 adult and 3 children, 4, 11 and 13) from 4 to 6 December at Tuan Chau Holiday Villa Resort. We would prefer a bay view and that the rooms are beside each other. Is that possible?

    • Nancy

      Absolutely, we will offer you the best room as your proposal. If you want to have room with Sea view, you have to get Deluxe Beach Front Villa.

  • Haley

    Price for 5 people in Halong Bay?

    Could you please advise if the day trip to Halong Bay is available on this day and what would be the price for 5 adults? We are staying at the Hanoi Hotel.

  • Other place in Halong Bay for a limited budge?

    Could you find another place in the beautiful Halong Bay for a limited budget? Can you offer me the Halong plaza on the same time? I found it in the internet….

    • Nancy

      I am pleased to send you our offer at Ha Long Plaza hotel with lower price and convenient place.

  • Wendy

    What kind of boat do you use for Halong day trip?

    Is it big? Is this trip suitable even for people who easily get seasick? (My girlfriend is not a big fan of boats, so I might come alone).

    • Nancy

      I am pleased to inform that the capacity of day boat in Ha Long Bay maximum ~ 40pax. Boat is big and the water is calm in the Bay, so you cannot be seasick. We asked by many clients of the seasick in Ha Long but at last they really enjoyed.

  • Can I combine the sailing package on Halong Bay once I choose Hai Au aviation?

    • Tracey

      Hey, Yes. It is easy to arrange it. Please drop off your email address to have the full information.

  • Is there any additional bus with Hai Au aviation?

    • Tracey

      Of course, we have arranged round trips with shuttle bus from Hanoi to Noi Bai and vice versa. And from Tuan Chau maria to Hon Gai wharf or to Bai Chau pier.

  • Which airport in Halong for tours by helicopter?

    • Tracey

      There is no airport at Halong, but we will Tuan Chau Maria for parking of Hai Au aviation. Please note that my plane is small so flexible to choose the parking one.

  • Susie Hills

    1 day Halong Bay tour?

    What are the maximum people can participate in this tour “1 Day Hanoi – Halong Bay Tour by Helicopter”. My group has 27 members. Is it okay?

    • Nancy

      The helicopter can carry maximum 20 passengers and others can carry maximum 24 passengers. So, your group will divide to two small group, 13 people and 14 people in group. Two groups will have similar itinerary and meet in Halong bay.

  • Spend more time for Halong Bay?

    I am looking forward to this tour “1 day from 8:00 to 18:30 Day Halong Bay Tour”. So, I want to visit Halong longer than 4 hours. Can you arrange?

    • Nancy

      Yes, we can. We have 3 suggestion, 4 hours, 6 hours and 8 hours boating. If you choose 6 hours or 8 hours boating, that time ends this tour and come back to Hanoi will be later. However, enjoying 6 hours and 8 hours tour, you will be able to visit more places in Halong bay.

  • Albert

    4 days Halong Bay tour?

    One day is too short time to visit Halong bay, isn’t it? I like visiting Halong 3 or 4 days and want to try new tour by helicopter. It sounds good. Can you help me arrange this tour like that?

    • Nancy

      Yes, you will move to Halong and see Halong Bay from the bird eyes views in helicopter. After that, you will board our private boat and take a cruise 4 days along the way to visit some of the limestone caves in the area and enjoy many activities on the cruise.

  • Calvin

    What can I do with a day trip in Halong bay?

    • Nancy

      There are many things for you to do and see in halong Bay with a day such as boating and cruising around Halong Bay, visiting Thien Cung palace, swimming and relaxing in peaceful Bay… Please read more information at 1 Day Halong Bay Tour.

  • Harvey

    Can my 18 years old son kayak in Halong Bay? Is it safe if we kayak in Halong Bay?

    • Nancy

      Yes, he can. It is very safe for you and your family to kayak in Halong Bay. We always provide life vest for every trips in Halong Bay.

  • Andrew

    Looking for 3 days Halong Bay tours?

    We will arrive in Hanoi on 24th September and then traveling to Halong Bay. Is there any recommendation for 2 days tours in Halong Bay?

    • Stephen

      We recommend 2 Days Ha Long Bay & Cat Ba Island Tour. You can explore world heritage Halong Bay and Cat Ba archipelago by boat cruise as well as visit many highlights such as Military Hospital Cave, Cat Ba Island & Cat Ba National Park…

  • Halong Bay tours with sky views?

    We really fall in love with the beauty of Halong Bay. We are looking for a day trip to there with the air view from the sky. Is it possible to take a tour like that?

    • Nancy

      You should try this tour Day Trip Halong Bay Tour by Helicopter. We have dropped you more information for Halong Bay tours and reservation form, please fill in the blank and send us via email.

  • Holly

    How long it take from Hanoi to Halong Bay by private car?

  • Will you pick us up to Halong Bay if we take tours from your company?

    • Nancy

      Yes, we will pick you up from you hotel to go to Halong Bay if you take tours from us.

  • Margarete Jennings

    We’ll travel Halong in a 3-people group? May I know can 5-star cruise provide enough beds for us?

    • Tracey

      Most 5-star cruises offer spacious cabin with full amenities, you can require an extra bed with three people in 1 cabim.

  • Efren Realeza

    What is the best way to visit Cat Ba and Halong Bay? How many days are sufficient for both?

    • Stephen

      Take cruise trip is one of the best ways to see the surreal scenery of Halong Bay and discover Cat Ba Island. 3 days are enough to visit both. You will have 2 days in Halong Bay with an overnight stay on cruise. And visit Cat Ba Island in the next day of trip.








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