Discover Bai Choi in Da Nang city


Bài Chòi is a kind of folk art combined with traditional games featured in the Central of Vietnam. To widely introduce visitors to the uniqueness of Vietnam culture, the Da Nang Culture Centre will organize Bai Choi Performances for both locals and tourists on a pilot basis between 5pm to 9.30 pm on Saturday and Sunday from April to June. It will be placed on the pavement of Tran Hung Dao Street at the Dragon Bridge in Son Tra District.

Bai Choi Singing in Danang

Bai Choi Singing in Danang

Bài chòi is very attractive because of its combination between playing cards and folk songs, poem-singing and even traditional music instruments. It is considered that its root is from feudal mandarin Dao Duy Tu (Đào Duy Từ, 1571 -1643) for aim of people entertainment.
The Bài Chòi is usually held in the village on the Lunar New Year.


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