Hard-to-forget Emotional Experience When Visiting Ha Long Bay


Ha Long Bay is familiar place for me, but it always creates many new things for me whenever I set foot here. There is something to lure me away from the bustle and hustle of the big city to visit Ha Long.
Ha Long has always been a place for my relaxing trip because it’s likened as an abundant source of milk to refresh my soul. Visiting Ha Long, I always felt a strange thing that I could not forget after returning to the noisy capital city. In the first time I set foot here, the images of green sea, mountains and caves have left me a profound impression on this land.

Halong Bay

Halong Bay, Vietnam

However, there was one thing that I could not forget for every time thinking about Ha Long Bay. It was an immense but gentle sea, so there is no fear to see face-to-face with sea. Leaning on the window to enjoy the spectacular beauty of Ha Long Bay brought me a sensation of romance as if the boat was taking us into another world.
The most recent visit was the memories that I’ll never forget – the visit of 22-year-old girl with my lover. We arrived to Ha Long on sunny day after a long itinerary from Hanoi.
My lover told me the legend of Ha Long Bay where dragons helped us to fight, about the history of rocky islands, caves. We sat next to each other for admire the green beauty of Ha Long which made us sink into fanciful dreams.

Dog Stone Islet

Dog Stone Islet

Not only the scenery but also the people gave strong impression for me. These boatmen are very graceful and charming. As tourist guide, they talked to us with the rusticity, honesty of hard-working workers.
I still remembered that the sailor told me a story of Stone Dog Islet with his humor. At the moment I saw stone dog islet first-hand as he said, I broke into laughter in my extreme joy. Everyone travelling on his boat surely has unforgettable impressions like me.


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