Name: Mr. Anthony Michael Mealing
Group: 2 people
Tour: Vietnam & Cambodia Tour 14 days
Nationality: UK & French

Hi Laura,
I hope that you are keeping well – will you be celebrating “Xmas”? I noticed that when we were over there were already Xmas decorations everywhere – which seemed very strange.
As I mentioned, here is some feedback on our vacation which overall was very enjoyable;
Siem Riep -Choice of hotel. The quality of the chosen hotel was fine but it was a little too far out of town for us. We would have prefered maybe a less comfortable hotel in the town; but this is a personal choice.
Phan Rang – Many, many thanks for your recommendation here. Thank goodness we did not take a night in a hotel there but went straight on to Nha Trang instead.
Nha Trang – Certainly was a surprise. Your organised snorkelling trip took us away from the main beach and was a very pleasant experience; so amazing in fact that we went back the following day and snorkelled again. We snorkeled twice and lunch was in a restaurant on the island. On the following day we joined a tour ourselves where we had 3 dives and a great lunch on the boat!!
Anyway, I hope that you find this feedback useful.
As I mentioned above, overall we had a really good time and will certainly be coming back to South East Asia again next year.
Many thanks again for your help Laura and Merry Xmas!!!!!!

Best regards